Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Art Project and the Repetition of Circles

In my post below, I mentioned how I love the repetition of shapes in decor.  As the picture below shows, repeating circles makes a dramatic graphic punch, yet remains simple looking.

The Influence...

Here is part of an art project I have been working on since I moved into my new apartment.  I have a lovely balcony with a tree behind it.  I've been fascinated by the full moon behind the tree, so I decided to do 12 months of full moon shots.

This is the best kind of art - I didn't spend any money on them!  I used invert and then just printed them on regular xerox paper.  I kinda like the low-tech vibe.  I had the frames, so voila!  As you know, I've been bringing pops of yellow in my decor.  I love it with lots of white and with pink.  I went through my stash of paintings and found a couple that fit the bill.

And wouldn't you know it?  I noticed the pattern of circles - or moons - that happened intuitively.  Two of my paintings, some vases, a bracelet on one of my vases and one of my prized possessions - my moon lamp from CB2.  That was a hard-earned lamp.  I bought it with overtime money made from working the hardest trial of my long career as a legal secretary.

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Jessie said...

Very cool! I love your collage with all you stuff on it. It all goes together so well.


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