Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Square Peg, the Monday Blahs and the Importance of a Beautiful Place

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I've heard that God only gives you what you can handle.  Sometimes I think God trusts me too much.  Yesterday I experienced the entire gamut of human emotion:  Intense joy and love that stuck in my throat, gratitude for my wonderful family, knuckle breaking fear and anxiety, physical pain in every part of my body, sadness.  It was a miraculous day with so many lessons - I will be processing the lessons for a long time to come. Through it all I had my family.  Without them I could not have made it.  I thank God for the love and unwavering support they give me.

Upon arriving home, my body was racked with pain from head to toe.  Yet....I was so comforted when I walked into my humble little apartment.  I felt cradled, hugged and protected.  I lay on the sofa and could not move, pain pulsating through me...but...I felt comforted and so grateful.  The addition of small pops of yellow is helping me emotionally.

I lay on the sofa and looked around at all the beauty.  My place is an experiment in color, texture and shapes.  The process of decorating is a largely intuitive one.  The apartment tells me what it wants, and in turn it gives me intense joy.  As I looked around I was struck by my love of geometry.  I adore shapes.  Mostly circles.  And I love them in repetition.  What is new for me is my love of squares.  

Square teapot TJ Maxx;  vintage coasters Flower Child;  Dee Adams painting;  ottoman from Burlington Coat Factory; perfect yellow box from TJ Maxx.

Okay, I realize that was too many words.  Suffice it to say that a comfortable, uncluttered and stylish home is  important to both your physical and mental health.  Home is where you rejuvenate.  And it doesn't matter where you live.  It can be small and humble and done with very little money.  As long as it's yours.

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Jessie said...

:) well said. I hope you are feeling better. I adore that teapot.


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