Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mood Board: Pink and Red!

Red is a powerful color.  It's probably the most feared color in decor.  I'm not a big user of red in decor, but there's nothing to fear about red.  If you need to be especially confident for a meeting or speech, wear red. Don't listen to what anyone says about red lipstick - it's sexy!  Especially with a nude eye makeup.  In home decor, a little red goes a long way.  And red looks great with pink, as the following pictures show.
I adore this photograph by  Femke Reijerman via See | Me.  At first I thought the girl was walking along the beach.  Perhaps it is the illusion of wind in the photo or perhaps it is because I miss Lake Erie so much.  I realized after sometime that she was actually walking by a painted brick wall.  In my opinion, this illusion shows the skill of the photographer.  I was literally transported by this photo.  I'd love to see it blown up very large and hanging in this dining room.
Can't you see it hanging on the left wall?  And how fab is this dining room?  The pink table and red chairs look so hot in this industrial looking loft.  They work well because the floors and walls are white.  It's very clever that there are no objects placed on the table.  It's gorgeous enough to stand on its own as art, with no competing objects.  Also dig that hot pink island.  David Mikhail via Desire to Inspire.

You already know that gray is my new favorite color and that I'd love to do an accent wall in gray.  The color scheme of pale pink, red and slate gray is stunning in this kitchen sitting area!  Oh dear, I was sure I was going to do a scheme of yellow, pink and gray for Spring.  But maybe now I'll do red, pink and gray.  So many colors, so little time.  The more I fall in love with color, the more that I learn there really aren't any colors I don't like, and there really aren't any colors that don't go together. Photographed by Anna De Leeuw for vtwonen.

You don't have to use a lot of color to have an impact.  A piece of art in a bold pink and red looks great in an otherwise restrained room.  Go big with your art for an uncluttered look.  Love the hanging lamp and the table (the Saarinen is my favorite table of all time) and chairs.  Aga's Modern Interior in an Old Building via Apartment Therapy.  Want to see more beautiful uses of pink and red?  Click here.

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Jessie said...

I love red and pink together! It's stunning!


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