Friday, February 22, 2013

Celebrating Photography

I love photography.  I am especially obsessed with fashion photography.  I'd love to do a large mural of a fashion shot.  Of course, it would have to be in black and white.  Here is some fab black and white eye candy for your Friday afternoon.
Would make a perfect mural!  I'd like to rasterize this image.  Image source unknown.

I love the contemplative romance of this photo.  For some reason, I love faceless art, maybe it's the mystery. (for previous posts featuring faceless art, click here).  Photo by personal friend of the editor.  Not to be copied without express permission.

The perfect glam pose.  One of my favorite photographers, Halim Ina.

Katie Holmes looks so fab in this ad!  I adore her chic yet casual look.  The pearls and sequined pants are feminine.  The denim shirt and slightly messy 'do gives her just the right amount of edge.  The perfect combination of hard and soft.
Speaking of feminine edge, look at this beauty.  A lot gorgeous, a little spooky.  Just the right amount of mystery.  Adds up to a whole lot of romance.  I'd love to know what's behind those soulful eyes.  Image source unknown.
Dreamy.  I'd love to float around in a bubble.  Melvin Sokolsky.

Stunning images from the Alexander McQueen retrospective Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I need one of these necklaces.  Again, soft yet edgy.  Reminds me of a dragon fly.  Manca Ahlin via See | Me.
I also adore fashion illustration.  I love me some Junko Mizuno.  The cover of this book is so awesome!  Edgy and cute.  Kinda retro.  Would make a great poster.  For previous posts about Junko Mizuno, click here.

*Note:  I have taken the liberty of making some of these photos black and white for the cohesion of this post.  Also, for photos that are uncredited, please contact me if you know the artist.  Thank you!


belledame said...

hey peggy, do you have a pinterest account? i've been amassing fashion photos in a few of my boards. and just fantastic photos in another. i try to separate models from entertainers. it's amazing how much old stuff has made it's way onto the web.

if i ever did a wall mural i think it might be the cover of my first vogue magazine: september 1989, naomi campbell in red sequined suit laughing in the desert.

Peggy said...

Hi belledame! Yes I have a pinterest account. I just started following yours and am having fun going through it. Do you have a pic of the vogue magazine cover? Sounds fab.

belledame said...

i just followed your pinterest and i repinned that vogue cover. it should be in your activity stream.

Peggy said...

Thank you, I saw the cover! It is fabulous and she looks fabulous. I tried not to repin too many of your pins, but I am loving your page. I have a dear cousin who has a bohemian/morroccan/romantic/asain vibe - I am forwarding her your blog link because I know she'd love your style.

Jessie said...

Lovely post!! :)


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