Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mood Board: Light Pink

I love me some pink.  Always have.  It's been my favorite my whole life.  Usually I am drawn to hot pink, but lately I've been noticing softer, paler pinks.  I love pale pink paired with metallics, gray, and yellow.  It also looks great with turquoise and orange.  For a stunning look, mix pale pink and hot pink.  Whatever color you use, it should be balanced with lots of white.  Here's a few facts about pink:  you can never have too much;  it looks great on everyone;  it goes with any color;  it is not a strictly girly color and can be used in a thoroughly modern way.  Sometimes I think I should have written a blog devoted entirely to pink.  For Spring, I think my color scheme is going to be pale pink, yellow and gray.  Here's some inspiration, hope you enjoy!

I this room, so fresh and airy!  I adore pale pink with bright yellow and pops of gray!  I know I've told you a million times - I'd like to live in a place with all white walls and floors!  I love the copper light.  I've used pink with silver and with gold, but never copper.  This is a combination I'm seeing lately and I love it.  Dig that coffee table, wonder if I could make that.  Moody's Home.

I love these shelves from Muuto!  Really digging the pink, orange and gray.  Love the pink standing lamp. 

I keep watching the Goodwill for a credenza, but no luck so far.  Just look at this baby.  Pale pink looks great with wood too!  Love the legs, love color blocking.  I have to have this piece when I win the lottery.  Wish I could build furniture.  CBY Furniture.
I'm not usually one for plate display, but this one may be changing my mind.  I love the organic simplicity of the plates, and love the colors.  Toast via the style files.
Storage never looked so good.  I'd like to have these these in my bedroom instead of a dresser.  Pink looks great with brown - that vase looks great there.  Bungalow5 via Desire to Inspire.
And speaking of the bedroom - how gorgeous is this room!  I adore the color blocking, the gray sheets, the knit ottomans used as a night stand.  I also love the pure functionality of the clothes rack and how the head board mimics its shape.  I need some of those over sized wooden beads.  Anyone know where I can get them?  Photo by Frida Ramstedt for Trendenser.se.


Jessie said...

Once I saw a few pale pink rooms online I knew I wanted my bedroom to look just like them. It's such a calming and peaceful color. That's probrably why we both love it! :)

Kay said...

Hi darling, you can get the wooden beads in crafts shop. I bought some last week to make a bead coaster :)
Do you know what label is the pink lamp standing next to the Muuto shelves? I looked at some lightning stores but couldn't find it :(
Thank you loads! x

Peggy said...

Hi Kay, thanks for visiting and commenting. I believe that's muuto's leaf lamp. http://www.muuto.com/collection/Leaf_Lamp_floor_version/

There are a few shops in the U.S., but I don't know if they carry it or not. Good luck! I hope you find it. Sometimes I am frustrated because it seems European sites have better stuff than the U.S. sites.

Thank you for the tip on the wooden beads! I will be sure to check it out.

Kay said...

Thank you Peggy! I'm gonna check it out :) have a nice day


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