Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Love and a Love of Scandinavian Design

Every where I look, people are looking to simplify their lives and their homes, so it's no surprise that Scandinavian design is popular.  It's long been one of my favorite design styles.  I adore the generous use of white - as you know my fantasy is to have white floors and walls.  Like living on a cloud.  I love how airy this type of design is.  I love the use of geometric shapes, soft colors and pottery.  There also elements of the hand made, organic, industrial and purely functional.  When done well, these elements are combined with a restrained hand, achieving a simple and serene environment.  I love reading Scandinavian blogs, I recently found a new (to me) blog and I had to share.  I could not find much personal information about the author (and the text is in Finnish), but the writer is exceptionally creative and talented.  Her home is beautiful, her photography is wonderful.  The blog is an absolute joy.  It's called Weekday Carnival and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.  Get your cup of tea or coffee, pull up a comfy chair.  You'll want to stay a while.  The images are so gorgeous I had trouble selecting just a few.  

Beautiful painting done by author and son.  Dig that coffee table.

Her styling is so skillful.  Beautiful vignettes are everywhere.  I always see beautiful wooden bowls at the Goodwill.  She makes me think I may need one or two...
Ahhh.  How I adore all that white!  I need that shelf unit for my pottery collection!
Love the pop of the turquoise hanging lamp and the concrete table top.
Another skillful display.  I adore the simple forms.  I have a thing about objects - they must be beautiful and functional.  So I am really digging those stacked white canisters.
I love this vignette in her kitchen!  Usually I am squeamish about knife display.  Not sure why this one works for me, perhaps the black helps it be a little more modest?   I am really digging that gray color block, the abstract vase by Michael Geertsen and the salt mill by Muuto.
Really clean, simple office space.  Love it.  Simplicity fuels my creativity.
Beautiful and soft Christmas display!  I love that branch with the lights so much I'd keep it up all year.  Also really love the pink painting.
She and I share a love of boxes.  I love her DIY projects.  On the right, is an origami-inspired cardboard box she made.  She has a great tutorials on how to make these and other origami projects.  I may try my hand at these.  Be sure to check out Weekday Carnival.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  I'll be adding this blog to my link list.  Have a great weekend dear readers!


millie {passiondecor} said...

What a gem! The blog and the home tour, great find

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I'd keep that tree up all year too. I wasn't even thinking "Christmas" until you said it. That's my favorite room.

Jessie said...

I'm drooling!! I'm going to check out her blog for sure! I'm thinking about doing our kitchen in all white. Keep it simple and clean looking!


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