Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fashion Fun, part deux

Today is all about fashion.  It's Friday!  What's more fun than starting your weekend looking fabulous?

I adore femininity with an edge.  These pearls look great with this leather jacket.  Would be a perfect look for Rihanna.  Chanel via Silk & Lace & Wool.

And speaking of edgy femininity, my all time favorite look is comfy jeans dressed up with a lady like shoe or jacket.  Image via Park & Cube.
Fab photo of Mila Kunis.  Love the hair and makeup.  That sculptural collar is dreamy.   From the cover of the LA Times via Lasio Studios.
Perfect pink tulip dress via Honor.
Perfect pink lipstick.  Via makeupbee.  Hope you have a great weekend, dear readers and that you look fabulous while doing it!  xo

1 comment:

Jessie said...

I love all this! I haven't ever been a lipstick person. I like it on others but feel like it makes me look like a clown!


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