Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love my apartment

When you have a chronic illness, there are good days and bad days.  Today is a bad day, all I am able to do is lay on the sofa.  Fortunately, I cleaned my apartment this weekend.  I am so grateful  I have such a lovely place to rest.  My apartment.  It's small and humble, but I love it.  Even though I have a lot of ideas, I'm not much of DIYer.  I don't miss living in old, dusty buildings.  I'm loving the clean, modern convenience of this place. Although I do wish I could paint!  Oh well, I'm lazy anyway.   I enjoy moving things around, though, and experimenting with color and texture.
Here's how it looks today.  I moved the taller Parsons table to the opposite side of the sofa.  I like it because three of my favorite vases have gained prominence by being elevated.  I moved the black ottoman next to the sofa to use as an end table, now I have a great place to display my new square tea pot and my hot pink lacquer tray.  

Really digging yellow, so switched my paintings around.  Love tons of white.
I love the functionality of this!  I now use my smaller Parsons table for candles.  The Vietnamese pot holds extra tea lights and incense.  I am on the look out for a cute table lighter.  I keep my slippers handy for when I want to go out on the balcony.
I have my new art project displayed on the partial wall, and a favorite painting in the hall.  My personal space is important to me, and I am very grateful for this modest apartment.  I am grateful that when company comes, they seem to love it too.  My brother was here Saturday night for dinner.  He said he loved all my "knick knacks."  Oh no, I thought.  Vases aren't knick knacks, are they?


belledame said...

i think vases are knickknacks unless they're in use. i continue to admire your restrained style.

Ocean Roofing said...

I love the combination of pink and yellow for your house. It is girly and bright, just perfect!


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