Friday, June 30, 2017

Always Loved Pink! Always will!!!

You've all seen the fabulous Betsey Johnson's pink apartment (see previous post here).  Here is an old place of hers, proving that she's always loved pink, and that she and I are sisters.  I've always loved pink and I could easily live here.  I love me a pink, industrial loft and I love minimalism.

Collected Not Eclectic

Update:  June 30, 2017

It might surprise you that this is my favorite bedroom of 2013, given my love for all things pink.  But here it is, the lovely bedroom designed by Jo of Desire to Inspire.  You've already seen the lovely bedroom of Jenna Lyons, a million times in the blogosphere.

Dig that lamp.  Dig that screen.  Dig that coffee table.  Please don't call it eclectic.  It's collected, by a woman with a great eye.  I would change very little.  Of course, I'd add a hot pink pillow.  Cuz you know every room needs a hit of hot pink.

Celebrating Color: Orange!!


Dig that painting.  Dig that chair.  Love periwinkle with orange.  Dig that table.  Love Hollywood Regency thrown in.  Need a disco ball for my new apartment.  But....don't call it it collected.  We are all complex beings.

Orange and blue.  Dig it.  Love that vase.

Togo sofa!  My favorite! Dig that Buddha. Dig that UFO lamp. Dig that sculpture - what is it?  A street light?  Dig the coffee table, brown walls and white vases.  See, minimalism can be sexy.
For my friends with green thumbs.

Drool.  Dig that white, textured paining on the orange wall.  Dig the purple chairs, the chandy and those metallic bowls.  Apartment Therapy Color Contest, can't remember the year.  Shoulda won.

ya'll know how to do a Google image search, right?  I have all links to artists, if needed.  I love to give artists credit.  if you are the artist, and want proper crediting please contact me.

The Most Beautiful Table in the World

Designed by Zaha Hadid?


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