Saturday, November 27, 2010

Think Pink

Dear readers, I'll admit it. I've been suffering from the holiday blues. Well, there's only one cure for the blues - and that is pink! It never fails, when I think about pink I get cheered up. You can never have too much pink. As I've said many times, pink is not just for girls. Pink can be done in a thoroughly modern and edgy way. Have a look, you'll be in the pink too!

Image by Peggy, from my previous apartment.

Isn't this room awesome! Image flickr user my3senuff from a 1970s decorating book. It looks relevant to today. Love the modular storage and that hot pink is just too - ahem - hot.

More hot pink. I know you recognize the use of pattern here. It is, of course, Tricia Guild. No one does pattern better. And check those Hella Jongerius vases on the table! I want them. Image via HGTV.

Perfect little night stand, phone and lamp. Image via flickr user sparklerawk.

I always wanted a pink kitchen! This one is so fab, and fresh. It looks totally modern. Flickr user rosaperfecto via My Mod Style. I love how sparse the kitchen is, and that it's not overly-girly. Clutter and tschotskes would ruin this look. The Hello Kitty toaster is totally fab, it works because it's not competing with a lot of stuff. However, I do think she needs some dishes that really pop in those glass cupboards.

These fab dishes from Karim Rashid would work well.

I am dying to paint my place fuchsia with white trim! Love this. I know this is probably blasphemy - but I'd paint that fire place white too. (Image source unknown - please contact me if you know the source.)

Love the pop of that black lamp against the pink wall. Image Darian Darling.

I know, I know - you've seen this a million times. But I can't help it. The fab apartment of the equally fab Betsey Johnson.

I had to include a picture of her. She makes me smile! I want to meet her! Betsey, you go girl! Images via New and Worthy.

Beautiful dining room and kitchen by Caitlin Murray. Love the mismatched black and white patterns against the pink. Images via Apartment Therapy.

Normally, I'm not into the alien motif thing, but here's an alien I could live with. A pink alien! How cool is that? Painting by the exceptionally talented Ben Heine. Awesome. I could see this hanging in an all white modern loft.

Feeling blue? Think pink!


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