Saturday, November 6, 2010

stuff and kitsch

Here's how it happens. Even though you crave simplicity, somehow stuff keeps coming in. Let's think about stuff for a minute. I begin to panic when I have too much because I like my home to be simple and uncluttered. Don't get me wrong, I love pretty things. There are so many artisans who make beautiful things. I even like (a little) kitsch. How do we balance a love of beautiful things with a love of uncluttered spaces? It takes restraint, and it's not easy. I need to be careful. Just because I have a larger apartment, doesn't mean I want to crowd it with stuff. I constantly edit. That said, here's some cool new things that have made it into my home.

Form and function are always on my mind. I like functional pieces that are also beautiful. This bag made in Indonesia, is made from upcycled rice bags. It represents perfect design, because it helps solve a problem. It is perfect for carrying my laundry. It was kind of pricey, but I love supporting artisans around the world. I bought it at Ten Thousand Villages. Ten Thousand Villages is a perfect place to find a Christmas present for someone special.

I like pieces that are functional, like the rice bowl and the fish shaped spoon holder on the bottom shelf. The Buddha head looks kitschy wearing my favorite hat, but it makes me smile.

I went to a flea market, and bought a couple of pieces. The tall white vase is new. Only $5.99.

The two apple green pieces were bought at the flea market. The flower sculpture is a gift from my sister-in-law and is made by the husband and wife artist team, Scott and Shawn Johnson. I dig it. I have it in my kitchen. The kitchen is the perfect place for explosions of color and kitsch. The kitchen should, after all, be a happy place.

The two footed bowls made it into my collection of dishes. I think they were $.50 each. I have a thing for orphan dishes, especially white ones. I love pieces that are functional and simple.

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Haley Litzinger said...

Dear Peggy, you're so talented. I can feel the way you feel when I read you're blog. Your last post really helped me. I loved when you said to enjoy the warmth of the water and the smell of the soap when you do dishes. Who does that? lol well I think everyone should,,and now I will :) Please keep writing, I look so forward to reading it!
love Haley


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