Saturday, August 31, 2013

479 feet

Dear Mr. Mayor:

This makes me sad.

This is only a partial viewing of the detritus I encountered in a mere 479 feet.  I got up early that morning. Decided to beat the heat by walking early, and beat the crowds of silliness (e.g. pants on the ground).  To my dismay this is what I saw in 479 feet.  Again, it's not a comprehensive viewing.  There was more.

How do I know it was only 479 feet?  Because I looked it up on Google Earth, which I love.

I haven't seen this much liter since the 60s.  Okay, it's the hood, but it's our home.  Shouldn't we take pride in it?  Why should someone else have to clean up your poison?  (booze bottles, cigarette butts, cans, used ketchup containers and used condoms?)  This is our home.  Take pride in our home.

I heard a young man at the bus stop lamenting that he was broke.  Said he didn't have the money for the bus. Said he needed a hustle.  I wanted to say "Duh!"  But said nothing.  Pick up the cans in the hood!  You can probably make $10.00!  And wouldn't even have to work too hard.

Dear Mr. Mayor, I will clean up the litter when I am out and about.  If you will buy me one of these:

Trash grabber from Grainger.  I'd pick it up now, but I can't bend over.  I could even be your ambassador in your new Safe City Initiative.  I read about your initiative to make Akron safer in the City News, Summer 2013 edition.  We can even have wrist bands, like these made:

Custom wrist bands from Wrist Warehouse.  Then these ambassadors of pride can pass out the bracelets, as a reminder.  I can also use social media to its fullest advantage.

Let's have pride in our home!  Please don't litter!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Think your loved one suffering from chronic pain is crazy?

.....Think again.  It might be ultra sensitivity, or food or medication allergies, or a combination of all three and more......

.....if you want to understand.....must read:

By Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.  Available at Amazon, click here.

...Don't like reading?  Here's acoupla must watches, both available for streaming from Netflix:

written, directed and starring Tom Shadyac, director of one of my favorite movies of all time.  Ace Ventura!

love me some Jim Carrey.  I believe Mr. Shadyac is a Warrior of God, meaning he's been called for a higher purpose.  Mr. Shadyac suffered with post-concussion syndrome, and is now sharing his story so that others might not suffer as he did.  Still researching, but it appears serotonin syndrome is also life-threatening and similar to PCS.  Don't take my word for your own research.

I want to help people to avoid the same stinging indignity I have suffered at the hands of Babylon.  You know what's best for you. You are in charge of your care, a doctor is merely there to provide moral support and assist you in greater wellness.  And they are humans too, therefore worthy of our compassion.

In addition, Mr. Shadyac and I are one.  That's cuz he believes - as I do - that we can change the world with humor....

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a great holiday weekend, my loves.  Be safe.  xo

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breaking News!!!! 50 Year Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Profound "I Have a Dream" Speech

Just found is the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King., Jr.'s profound "I Have a Dream Speech."  I barely remember the speech, I was only three.  But I remember clearly the worldwide reverberations it caused.  My friend, Tony, who is a little older than me remembers.  He also saw Dr. King speak in the back of truck in the Glenville 'hood.

I consider this man one of the great heroes of my lifetime.  Please see my tribute to Dr. King in a previous post here.

Photo by Peggy, Editor of Creative Influences.  Part of Reflections Series.

President Obama will be speaking live in an interactive stream on Facebook in moments!   Here is the link:  Please join this important chat.  Please join history!  The technology has given us a voice in a way we never had.  Facebook allows us all to be heard. The technology is a tool for greater freedom and technology.  President Obama knows it and uses it to great advantage.  Let's have his back, so we no longer call peace a dream, but a fact.

Dr. King's daughter is speaking now, and it is giving me chills!  Chills I tell you.  Dr. King's daughter reminds us that we must be relentless in confronting greed.

Do you?  We are more similar than we are different.  It's not about black and white.  It's about green.  The poverty of one encroaches upon the comfort of us all.  Poverty and disparity must be eradicated.

Love is my religion.  We must feed each other, house each other, educate each other...... love one another. Even one person left behind is unacceptable.  Sometimes the strong must carry the weak.  And they must do it with gratitude.  It is easier to give help than to need help.

On this auspicious day, I have again taken the vow of non-violence.  Won't you join me?

Peace is possible.  John Lennon said he was accused of being a dreamer....but he's not the only one (see previous post here).  And Yoko One, she's an activist for peace as well.  She didn't break up the Beatles, but was treated with racism.  She's a genius herself.

See more of Yoko's peace art work, at previous post here.  Like I have said many times on this blog, artists have a responsibility to raise the consciousness of the nation, and the world.  Art is politics, politics is art. Because we are all one.

Let freedom ring!  My brothers and sisters, I'd like to implore you once again.  Let's lay down our weapons.  All of them.  No exceptions.  It's not hard, war is hard.  Let's lay down our weapons.  It's really that simple.  I've been called naive....but I'm not the only one.

We can make every day Independence Day!!!  Let's do it for our children.

Photo by personal friend of the editor.  Not to be copied without express permission of editor.

It's important to teach our children history.  These fine young men are being taught by their mother, at the eternal flame for John F. Kennedy.  I know it seems like a daunting task.  Where to start?

With the man in the mirror.  By expressing gratitude each day.  By loving your neighbor.  By smiling and treating everyone with love.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mad Gratitude.....

to the anthropologist,  Margaret Mead.  Change is possible.  It's just like building a house - or a car - or obtaining an education - or writing a blog.  Where do you start?  With gratitude and then you build it:

There is no time for self doubt or fear.  Time is precious and fleeting.  Susan B. Anthony was correct when she said:


I Got Mad Gratitude

Do you know who these ladies are?  Hint, they are all heroes, some reluctantly, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

What I'm listening to - Sisters Rockin' it Old School

The Pointer Sisters, Slow Hand.  mmmm hmmmmm.  Great music to clean the apartment to!  And I'm happy to report that I'm up shaking my thang.  Hey, ya gotta do it - it's good for you.  Your butt isn't too big, or too small, or too anything....if you are a woman you are fabulous.  If you are a man - well - you are fabulous too. Heck, we are all fabulous.  But a slow hand....I can dig it....

No one says it better than the Sisters three.  Well, Sister Sledge ain't too shabby either.  Ah, back in the day at Kent State.  The night I got my big sis at the sorority - we shook our (then littler asses) to Sister Sledge. Only thing is, I didn't know how cute I was.  Such a shame - I'm gonna hammer this - young girls - old girls - if you are woman - YOU ARE FABULOUS!  No exceptions.  God don't make no junk.

We danced and sang "We are Delta Z!  I got all my sisters with me!"  Yeah, we were clever like that.  Good times.

God's been sending me a lot of angels lately.  Fellow Warriors of Love who want to change the world with love and humor.  Love is our religion.  God been berry, berry good to me.  I lamented to one angel when I showed him a pic from my youth, "Man I didn't even know I was cute."  He reminded me:  "You're still cute and you don't know it."  hmm....  This is what The Course refers to as a Miracle.  A change of mind.

Light bulb!  I'm doing the same thing now that I did then.  Hmm.  It didn't work for me then - so why on Earth would I expect it to work for me now?   Forget that crap.  Time is precious.  There's no time like the present.  And every other cliche you can think of.  That's right - I'm fabulous.......and so are you....don't ever forget it.  Now go out there and love your neighbors, sister!  And ignore the haters, they're suffering.  Don't judge them, but don't get sucked into negative vibes.  We are all on the path.  We're on GT (God's Time), so might as well surrender.  Let go and let God.  Oops, I did it again.

As always, thanks for reading.  Love to all!  xo

Why I Need a Kindle

I need a kindle for so many reasons.  I don't want TV in the bedroom, but some days I wish I could watch Netflix or listen to Pandora in the bedroom.  My current cable supply includes wireless, which I think is fab! But the biggest reason is books like this:

I'd like to have this book.  But do I really need it?  No, I don't really need any more paper.  And since Ken Illgunas is concerned for the environment, it makes perfect sense that the book would only be available in digital form.  Ken and I are kindred souls.  I explore my neighborhoods too, I often pretend I'm on vacation. See previous post about Ken Illgunas here.  See more of my urban photojournal here.

Happy Monday dear readers!  Gonna be a fun week, stay tuned. xo

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Dear readers, thank you so much for the outpouring of love I've received!  You've helped me get through a difficult time.  I'm not out of the woods yet, and very overwhelmed.  My head is spinning and have so much to process.  I need to get quiet and go inner for a short, unspecified period of time.  I hope to return next week as I have a bunch of cool posts lined up.  I'm having a lot of fun with photo essays so will be continuing in that format.  I hope you have a great weekend, talk to you soon.  xo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photo Essay: this is how I do chronic, full body pain

Originally published 8/21/13


been a couple of rough weeks, heck as you know, it's been a rough - oh um like ah - 5 years!!  the good news is i am officially retired!  yay!  more time to blog.  i love blogging and i love my readers!  xo

last week had difficult procedures, but after 5 years am coming close to an answer on the strange and rare condition. i'm allergic to the doctor said i qualify for a bubble, but i'd be allergic to the bubble, lol. at the time he said it, i didn't think he was funny, but i do now.  tragedy + time = comedy according to my love, Woody Allen.

oh gosh, if only i'd listened to my friend the yoga teacher 20 years ago, i might not be in this boat.  i am the most stubborn person on the planet.  stubborn.  don't believe me?  look up stubborn in the dictionary, you'll see my picture (an oldie but a goodie).  for some reason God has to pound me over the head before i make any changes.  i learn everything the hard way.  hope i can help others not to be as dense as i am. can never judge a person's place on their path.  we are all on the same path - just at different points - and we will all meet there in God's time.  God has been reminding me lately that everything happens in God's time. not in Peggy's time......oh (she said in a teeny-tiny little voice).  God says, Peg, my love, don't be so hard on yourself.   i say dude, sometimes i wish you didn't trust me too much.  he laughs.  God has a great sense of humor.

i am waiting on an important call....trying to stay calm.  i'm on GT - that's right   God's time.  don't mean to hammer the point, it's me who needs to hammered sometimes.  gonna try to avoid that, last one was a doozey.

anyway, i am merely God's conduit, his humble servant.  if i accept the important work God has given me, with gratitude, then i am protected.  i don't have to accept my mission, we still have free will as we are co-creators with God, but God protects his warriors. that's right.  i am a Warrior of God.  and God speaks to his Warriors.  clearly.  everything works when all i do is listen and follow the signs.  on to less lofty things!  lol

i got to shop a little the other day.  wow.  what a joy.  between Dollar General and Dot's this loot was $5.00!  a small price to pay for feeling normal again for a few minutes.  guess how long it's been since i bought eye shadow?  5 years.  i always thought my eyes were my best feature, so i miss eye makeup.  it's fun.  like painting!  when i got these fab products home, i became upset because i dearly love glittery eye shadow and I wanted to play with it.  impossible.  not with my swollen eyes - too painful. Then it struck me.  I'll do a photo journal of me in pain from head to toe, feeling sad about makeup, but happy about my hair.  everything seems to be running at 50/50 lately.  more on 50/50 in a subsequent post.

I rebelliously put on the pink and the glittery eyes shadow and then smeared them.  The following pics are a statement of my pain and agony and loss and.....hope.  they are unretouched.  didn't want to be accused of photoshopping them.

yep i hurt from head to toe.  yep i have a pink extension in my hair.  thanks Haley!

that's right.  i have a bald spot.  haters say i should cut my hair.  i say fuck haters.  here i also have glitter on my lips.

a friend (so-called) told me i talk too much and that "they" (who are they?) are going to throw a net over me and take me to the funny farm. (there are none in Ohio, remember?  no money.)  he said i am too friendly and shouldn't talk, greet and smile at neighbors.  well I refuse to shut up just because you want me to.  this is my life.  i will decide.

wanna see how i do mid life crisis?  click here.  want more photos and less words?  then check out my urban photojournal.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Profound Week...or....I am My Own Bride

Hello my loves!  This is meant to be a quick update to keep you posted on happenings in my life.  I've had another profound week.  Experienced the whole gamut of emotions from excruciating pain throughout my entire body, a near death experience (I am not shitting you), so much puke, poop, barf and tears, I was cursing orifices!!!  So much humor, laughter...and so many tears.  So many angelic nurses...and a psychotic nurse.  I actually provided feedback to the ombudsman at the hospital.  I complimented those who did their job well - they don't hear it enough as we tend to complain more than compliment.  Don't know why this is, but it's stupid.  And in an effort to perform the work God has assigned me, also filed a formal complaint against a very mean doctor.  That was hard for me.  But I must do all I can to eradicate this type of behavior.  I must do my part to create a better world for my nephews.  I don't have any choice.  I am God's conduit.

Whew.  What a mouth full.  So much for a quick update, lol!  I had minor surgery Monday.  Had complications from anesthetic.  I met God.  His name is Dr. Park and he is Korean-American, I believe. And so, so gentle.  I asked him to marry me.  Had the nurses cracking up even before I was on drugs.  And I'm sorry to report that it was not possible for them to give me enough pain medicine.  Man, who knew the human body was capable of sustaining so much pain?  I guess moms do.  I didn't know because I've never had a child. Also made the angel-nurses cry.  So much love and kindness.  And then.  A brutally vicious, impatient and unkind nurse.  After all the love she couldn't have hurt me worse had she stabbed me in the heart.  In fact, a knife would have been preferable to her cruel treatment.

I was in the wheel chair and ready to go.  Sooooo ready.  I friggin' hate hospitals.  Lame, I know, but who does?  I just couldn't wait to get out of there.  I was there much longer than anticipated.  Had cell phone issues so couldn't reach my ride.  Cell phone would not work in the hospital.  Mean nurse wouldn't let me use land line.  Mean nurse wouldn't let me go outside.  Finally I said, "Am I a prisoner?"  No, she said.  Then I'm leaving.  I got up and I fully intended to walk home if need be.  I will never ever stand helplessly and let someone treat me badly again.  I've reached my limit.  I'm 52 years old.  I will not engage in meanness. From now on I will run from meanness.  Even if I love you.  Just cuz I love you don't mean I gotta take your shit.  If I love you and you love me, then it's on.  I'm gonna be good to you.  But I must protect my heart.  Can't do God's work if my heart is broke.  Hey Al Green and Smokey Robinson say it better than I ever could.

I got up to leave.  Mean Nurse said in a lazy-i-don't-give-a-shit-voice (look lady, I know you're tired and overworked, and oh yeah, you're the only one in the world in that boat):  I can't let you do that.  I did not give a shit what she could or could not let me do.  I can be a hot head.  I'm really, really stubborn.  Not kidding.  Sometimes God has to give me a blow to the head (that's a Monty Python joke), lol!

I said, "Are you going to call security?"  Not giving a shit what her answer was.  I was leaving.  Once my mind is made up...that's it.  Plus I was over-medicated.  She said no.  I said call the cops if you want.  Do what you gotta do, I'm doing what I gotta do.  I wasn't bluffing.  I was ready to be a 52 year old woman who just had surgery being taken in cuffs to jail - on the news.  My friend was from out of town, I was panicking that he had an accident.  In 30 years I've known him, he's never ever showed up late.  I was beside myself.

I left.  I walked.  It's only 7 miles home, so I was ready to walk the whole way if need be.  My friggin' cell phone is still not working.  I never have problems with that phone!  I only walked a couple of blocks.  Then God sent another angel, my sister-in-law.  She saved my life.  Again.

My loves, I'm getting a little tired and still have so much to tell you.  But I need to wrap this up for now.

Some wonder how I can prepare such long posts, and have been criticized for being too prolific.  Here's a confession:  the reason for large gaps on my blog is that sometimes a post takes me a week to write.  As is the case here.  If you're impatient and want a quick look at what's happening, I invite you to check out my Facebook page on the sidebar.  I do use Twitter to a lesser extent, but mainly for politics and trying to catch Prez Obama's attention, haven't succeeded there.  Yet.  And oh yeah, I'm an insomniac.  It's a gift.  And a curse.

Here's a boring update on my love life (or lack thereof).  A few weeks ago, I was excited because I thought I had found THE ONE, who sure took his sweet time getting here.  I even smugly reminded my readers that love comes in all shapes and colors.  Like paintings.

I was mistaken.  Oh well, not the first time.  Hoping it's the last.  He abandoned me at this crucial time.  I put his ring down the garbage chute.  I did it with love, not anger.  I thanked him for the lesson.  I told him, "See ya.  But not again in this lifetime."  I even laughed at that.  I laughed again when I heard the incinerator squash the ring.  Poor little innocent ring.  Thanks for serving me little ring.

Here's what I want to know.  Is there a player handbook?  They all say the same shit.  Heard it all before, but hopefully not again.  I stood there and said, next!  I didn't look back.  I wish I had read The Rules when I was a young woman.  I did read He's Just Not that Into You, but like I said, I'm stubborn.  I tend to be a slow learner.  Jeez.

I feel pretty good.  And am amazed at my strength.  A friend told me years ago that I aim too low.  Wish I had listened.  LG thanks for that.  I'd like to say to young women:  Don't settle and don't waste time with Mr. Wrong.  If you do, Mr. Right might not show.  You have to leave room for him.  Live your life, love yourself and take no crap.  Ever.  If you are a woman you are beautiful.  Period.  Not too tall, fat, short, skinny or anything.  We are all friggin' beautiful.  We just forgot it.

And hair.  Well, what does hair have to do with this?  Well, I think you already know I am obsessed with hair.  Usually after a break up I cut mine off as a symbol of my emancipation.  Remember this hair cut from a previous post?  Usually I'm not a fan, and I don't like hair cuts that involve shaving.  But....

Miley Cyrus sure wears that hair don't she?  I mean look at her rocking that hair and owning it.  No wonder she was voted most desirable by someone (Maxim?).  Gosh, wish I had known how cute I was back then.  Miley, you go girl!  'Course Miley's got a cute little face and a banging tiny bod.  The girl would look good in a potato sack.  Not so with me.  But ladies here's the point:  you are fabulous just by being virtue of being a woman.  Period.  The reason Miley is so popular is not just her good looks, it's her confidence.  There is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable with who she is.  So whoever you are, rock it.  Use what ya got.

Remember when Felicity (played by the adorable Keri Russell) chopped her locks?  Yeah me neither.  I've never been a TV viewer, I caught the show on Netflix.  I hate commercials.  Not a profound show, but a fun one about a girl with a problem we all need.  Two fabulous men in love with her.  She loves one, but he's not into her.  She lets him go to free herself from pain and cuts her hair.  This is a step almost all women have gone through.  Don't we all want to experiment with short hair at one time or another?  I read that when she cut her hair, her popularity plummeted.  How stupid.  I don't understand haters.

I think she rocks this hair.  Like Miley, Keri is so cute she could rock a potato sack.  She'd look good no matter what she does.  I've had my hair short, coupla times.  I don't feel pretty with short hair.  I've envied girls who can pull off the short platinum look.  But that's not me.  I feel more comfortable in long hair.  And it's bullshit that "older" women can't wear their hair long.

I'm growing my hair to my ass.  But I'm not doing it for a man.  I'm doing it for me.  I can do bad all by myself.  And I'm also okay by myself.  If you are bringing me drama and pain stay away.  I've wanted a ring for so long, I decided to marry myself.  After all, I love my company.  I'm fabulous.  And God blessed me with a great sense of humor.

Ahh Cher.  What can I say about my love, Cher that you haven't read, heard or said yourself?  But I gotta give it a try anyway.  How can a 70 year old woman rock purple and pink hair?  Cuz she's Cher and she's fab.  Cher, you go girl.  For previous post about Cher, click here.

No matter what, I love being a girl.  One of my favorite things right now is nail polish.  Luckily I can get the new funky colors at Dollar General - for - wait for it - a buck!  That's right I'm rocking periwinkle, another of my favorite colors - for a buck.  I married myself today in a lovely ceremony on my balcony.  My best friend, the tree, presided.  I don't believe in diamonds, so this is a 99 cent cheapy from Dot's.

Happy Independence Day!  That's right!  I am my own bride. Image by Peggy.  This is a pic from my art journal, which I plan to publish in the near future.  ( Blue ladies are vintage gift wrapping paper.)

Fuck the haters.  i learned that from Rihanna's instagram.  Warning!  Do not click on badgirlriri's instagram unless you like have nothing to do for, um, the rest of your life.  It's so incredibly addicting - even though she speaks a foreign language I do not understand.  I mean it.  I got so addicted I almost had to find an AA meeting.  But when I called AA, they didn't have a badgirlriri group here in Akron.  Yet.

BTW she is rocking those specs.  Don't believe for one minute that men don't make passes at girls with glasses.  Men make passes at all kinds of women.  Small, big, young, old, white, purple, pink and brown.  It don't matter.  The most appealing thing to a man is ........confidence.  Yep, if you are comfortable with yourself men will be falling at your feet.  And if you're not there yet, don't fret.  Fake it till you make it.  Don't take my word for it.  If you want a man, try it.  Heck if you don't want a man, try it.  Confidence is fun! Confidence is the new black (sorry).  I hate "the new black" metaphors, lol.

Happy Monday Dear Readers!  Hope you had a great weekend.  It's gonna get real on this bitch this week. Warning!  Not for the faint hearted.  I am working on a photo journal telling the story of my life.  It's an insomnia cure for sure, so not a total waste of time.  Some of it will be very graphic, and I hope that all of it will be funny.

I am God's servant.  I am humbled and honored to accept my new mission.  As with my paintings, I do what I do because I must.  I have no choice.  I am here to serve.  Please continue to send prayer requests and thank you for your prayers.  And always remember, I am fabulous.....and so are you!  xo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Viva La Fedora!

Photo by personal friends of the editor - not to be copied without express permission

While logging onto my blog today - I noticed a miraculous thing! I have posted over 1000 entries!  Wow. Doesn't seem possible.  To celebrate, I'd like to share this fab picture of a fab lady wearing my favorite hat - the Fedora!  To see more of my Fedora Project, please click here.

Fedora.  Looks good on every one.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Image source unknown

Today I only aspire to be this industrious (and to look this fab while doing it).  I'm dragging and need a bit of cheering up. You know those days, don't you? Color is the best pick me up I know.  Color psychology totally works.  Feeling lethargic?  The prescription is yellow! Beautiful happy, sunshiny yellow. Yellow is the perfect color when you need a boost in your energy. A little goes a long way.  Put a little pop of yellow in your environment.  Here's some inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite combinations is yellow and gray.  I dearly love this graphic painting.  This type of painting is not as easy to execute as it looks.  It may be simple, but it's not easy.  And check those fabulous faceted vases on the table.  Those are the Joker series by Nicole Aebischer.  They look perfect here.  Pops of silver look so fab in a gray and yellow scheme.  I had the pleasure of seeing these beauties in person one time (see previous post here), but way out of my price range.  I've been on the look out for a knock off.  Image via Desire to Inspire.

One of my favorite paintings by David Bromstad.  Wish I could paint like him!

I've featured this piece before.  Inexpensive art found at a thrift shop gets a fresh new life with spray paint.  I may steal this idea.  This piece was done by the amazing creative Midcentury Jo of Desire to Inspire.

These are the beautiful Enoki Cumulus pendant lamps.  So soft and airy. I love them staggered.  And that pop of yellow is fab!  Image via inadesignerhome

The above two pics are mid century at its finest!  Love the organic shapes and the graphic paintings.  A pop of yellow in a mostly neutral or white room goes a long way.  Beth Coller via Desire to Inspire.

This may be my new dream kitchen.  Love the shiny yellow appliances and the white floor. Image via Livingetc.

Beautiful Asian inspired cabinet looks fab in yellow.  Also love the painting and the over sized ottoman! Image Traci Fleming via Apartment Therapy.

I've said it a million times:  gray is one of my favorite colors.  I love it paired with yellow.  How fab would this rug be on a cold winter's day?  Image via Femina.

Yep.  A gray accent wall is definitely in my near future.  Roomservice Design Gallery.

Love these chairs.  Would love to have one for my office.  Livingetc.

Here is something else I'd love to have for my office!  I love, love, love this desk.  Beautiful geometry. Beautifully designed.  The yellow top is sure to inspire creativity!  Buisjes & Beugels.

Anyone know the designer of this fabulous chair?  Love it!  Love the shape, and the yellow pops against that white wall.  So fab with that lamp.  Cecilia's Simple Beauty via Apartment Therapy.

How does one become obsessed by a knob?  Well because everything must be beautiful!  Ya'll already know that I am crazy about everything designer extraordinaire Jessie does. Here she has spray painted fabulous knobs. I have been looking everywhere for knobs like this, but haven't found them, yet!

Speaking of fabulous DIY, you must check out this home tour.  This beautiful yellow cabinet is actually an Ikea hack.  And the beautiful dresser to its left is decoupage.  I'm not usually one for embellishments, but this talented artist's apartment is an exception.  Everything is done so tastefully.  And the outside space is to die for!  Sofia's DIY Garden Apartment.

Do you know Mandi at Vintage Revivals?  Everything she touches turns to gold.  I love this wall treatment. Such a beautiful color scheme.  And dig that headboard made from an old frame.  Gorgeous.

What about you dear readers, do you love yellow?  Do you add pops of yellow to your home when you need a burst of energy?  Yellow is a surprising color when used in makeup as well, it gives a glowing effect. One of my favorite posts is about yellow eyeshadow, click here if interested in seeing this post.  Stay tuned for more posts about fabulous color!  xo


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