Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breaking News!!!! 50 Year Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Profound "I Have a Dream" Speech

Just found is the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King., Jr.'s profound "I Have a Dream Speech."  I barely remember the speech, I was only three.  But I remember clearly the worldwide reverberations it caused.  My friend, Tony, who is a little older than me remembers.  He also saw Dr. King speak in the back of truck in the Glenville 'hood.

I consider this man one of the great heroes of my lifetime.  Please see my tribute to Dr. King in a previous post here.

Photo by Peggy, Editor of Creative Influences.  Part of Reflections Series.

President Obama will be speaking live in an interactive stream on Facebook in moments!   Here is the link:  Please join this important chat.  Please join history!  The technology has given us a voice in a way we never had.  Facebook allows us all to be heard. The technology is a tool for greater freedom and technology.  President Obama knows it and uses it to great advantage.  Let's have his back, so we no longer call peace a dream, but a fact.

Dr. King's daughter is speaking now, and it is giving me chills!  Chills I tell you.  Dr. King's daughter reminds us that we must be relentless in confronting greed.

Do you?  We are more similar than we are different.  It's not about black and white.  It's about green.  The poverty of one encroaches upon the comfort of us all.  Poverty and disparity must be eradicated.

Love is my religion.  We must feed each other, house each other, educate each other...... love one another. Even one person left behind is unacceptable.  Sometimes the strong must carry the weak.  And they must do it with gratitude.  It is easier to give help than to need help.

On this auspicious day, I have again taken the vow of non-violence.  Won't you join me?

Peace is possible.  John Lennon said he was accused of being a dreamer....but he's not the only one (see previous post here).  And Yoko One, she's an activist for peace as well.  She didn't break up the Beatles, but was treated with racism.  She's a genius herself.

See more of Yoko's peace art work, at previous post here.  Like I have said many times on this blog, artists have a responsibility to raise the consciousness of the nation, and the world.  Art is politics, politics is art. Because we are all one.

Let freedom ring!  My brothers and sisters, I'd like to implore you once again.  Let's lay down our weapons.  All of them.  No exceptions.  It's not hard, war is hard.  Let's lay down our weapons.  It's really that simple.  I've been called naive....but I'm not the only one.

We can make every day Independence Day!!!  Let's do it for our children.

Photo by personal friend of the editor.  Not to be copied without express permission of editor.

It's important to teach our children history.  These fine young men are being taught by their mother, at the eternal flame for John F. Kennedy.  I know it seems like a daunting task.  Where to start?

With the man in the mirror.  By expressing gratitude each day.  By loving your neighbor.  By smiling and treating everyone with love.

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