Saturday, August 31, 2013

479 feet

Dear Mr. Mayor:

This makes me sad.

This is only a partial viewing of the detritus I encountered in a mere 479 feet.  I got up early that morning. Decided to beat the heat by walking early, and beat the crowds of silliness (e.g. pants on the ground).  To my dismay this is what I saw in 479 feet.  Again, it's not a comprehensive viewing.  There was more.

How do I know it was only 479 feet?  Because I looked it up on Google Earth, which I love.

I haven't seen this much liter since the 60s.  Okay, it's the hood, but it's our home.  Shouldn't we take pride in it?  Why should someone else have to clean up your poison?  (booze bottles, cigarette butts, cans, used ketchup containers and used condoms?)  This is our home.  Take pride in our home.

I heard a young man at the bus stop lamenting that he was broke.  Said he didn't have the money for the bus. Said he needed a hustle.  I wanted to say "Duh!"  But said nothing.  Pick up the cans in the hood!  You can probably make $10.00!  And wouldn't even have to work too hard.

Dear Mr. Mayor, I will clean up the litter when I am out and about.  If you will buy me one of these:

Trash grabber from Grainger.  I'd pick it up now, but I can't bend over.  I could even be your ambassador in your new Safe City Initiative.  I read about your initiative to make Akron safer in the City News, Summer 2013 edition.  We can even have wrist bands, like these made:

Custom wrist bands from Wrist Warehouse.  Then these ambassadors of pride can pass out the bracelets, as a reminder.  I can also use social media to its fullest advantage.

Let's have pride in our home!  Please don't litter!


Jessie said...

We had some bad storms last week and noticed during our Sunday bike ride there was a lot of litter on the roads and trails. Most of been blown around. It made me sad. I just want to clean it up! It's hard being on a bike, I can't really clean it up. I need to just walk the trail someday soon with a trash bag. Funny thing I always notice is 95% of it is recyclable!! I wish everyone cared about our beautiful planet.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

This has been my pet peeve for years. When I look back at old letters-to-the-editor that I keep in an album, I've written a number of them about littering. It has to be a lack of education because I think back to when I was a kid in Jersey City and I remember eating a bag of Wise potato chips and then just dropping the bag on the street. Then that crying Indian commercial came out and people started talking about it. And we got educated. Why people are still doing it, I don't know. Laziness? Why don't people have more pride? My daughter won't throw a peach pit out the car window into woods we're passing. I should blog about this. I have a couple of shocking stories about people who littered right in front of me.


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