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Today I only aspire to be this industrious (and to look this fab while doing it).  I'm dragging and need a bit of cheering up. You know those days, don't you? Color is the best pick me up I know.  Color psychology totally works.  Feeling lethargic?  The prescription is yellow! Beautiful happy, sunshiny yellow. Yellow is the perfect color when you need a boost in your energy. A little goes a long way.  Put a little pop of yellow in your environment.  Here's some inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite combinations is yellow and gray.  I dearly love this graphic painting.  This type of painting is not as easy to execute as it looks.  It may be simple, but it's not easy.  And check those fabulous faceted vases on the table.  Those are the Joker series by Nicole Aebischer.  They look perfect here.  Pops of silver look so fab in a gray and yellow scheme.  I had the pleasure of seeing these beauties in person one time (see previous post here), but way out of my price range.  I've been on the look out for a knock off.  Image via Desire to Inspire.

One of my favorite paintings by David Bromstad.  Wish I could paint like him!

I've featured this piece before.  Inexpensive art found at a thrift shop gets a fresh new life with spray paint.  I may steal this idea.  This piece was done by the amazing creative Midcentury Jo of Desire to Inspire.

These are the beautiful Enoki Cumulus pendant lamps.  So soft and airy. I love them staggered.  And that pop of yellow is fab!  Image via inadesignerhome

The above two pics are mid century at its finest!  Love the organic shapes and the graphic paintings.  A pop of yellow in a mostly neutral or white room goes a long way.  Beth Coller via Desire to Inspire.

This may be my new dream kitchen.  Love the shiny yellow appliances and the white floor. Image via Livingetc.

Beautiful Asian inspired cabinet looks fab in yellow.  Also love the painting and the over sized ottoman! Image Traci Fleming via Apartment Therapy.

I've said it a million times:  gray is one of my favorite colors.  I love it paired with yellow.  How fab would this rug be on a cold winter's day?  Image via Femina.

Yep.  A gray accent wall is definitely in my near future.  Roomservice Design Gallery.

Love these chairs.  Would love to have one for my office.  Livingetc.

Here is something else I'd love to have for my office!  I love, love, love this desk.  Beautiful geometry. Beautifully designed.  The yellow top is sure to inspire creativity!  Buisjes & Beugels.

Anyone know the designer of this fabulous chair?  Love it!  Love the shape, and the yellow pops against that white wall.  So fab with that lamp.  Cecilia's Simple Beauty via Apartment Therapy.

How does one become obsessed by a knob?  Well because everything must be beautiful!  Ya'll already know that I am crazy about everything designer extraordinaire Jessie does. Here she has spray painted fabulous knobs. I have been looking everywhere for knobs like this, but haven't found them, yet!

Speaking of fabulous DIY, you must check out this home tour.  This beautiful yellow cabinet is actually an Ikea hack.  And the beautiful dresser to its left is decoupage.  I'm not usually one for embellishments, but this talented artist's apartment is an exception.  Everything is done so tastefully.  And the outside space is to die for!  Sofia's DIY Garden Apartment.

Do you know Mandi at Vintage Revivals?  Everything she touches turns to gold.  I love this wall treatment. Such a beautiful color scheme.  And dig that headboard made from an old frame.  Gorgeous.

What about you dear readers, do you love yellow?  Do you add pops of yellow to your home when you need a burst of energy?  Yellow is a surprising color when used in makeup as well, it gives a glowing effect. One of my favorite posts is about yellow eyeshadow, click here if interested in seeing this post.  Stay tuned for more posts about fabulous color!  xo


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yellow is my favorite color. I've always liked it because it's cheerful and happy. My kitchens are always yellow. Grey was never a color I liked but interestingly, for some reason, in this kitchen I've found myself using the grey with the yellow. It goes great with the stainless steel and some aluminum I've collected. I am even thinking about doing grey and white VCT tiles (I call them supermarket tiles) when I redo the floor.

Peggy said...

Really, did I know that? I think I did, but just forgot. Cuz I think we did talk about yellow when you painted your bookcase. I love yellow with pink. 'Course I love anything with pink, as you know.

Gray is a new one for me. I used to think it was kinda boring. And I had a yoga teacher tell me it was the color of depression. How wrong she is. I remember loving, absolutely loving the gray Lake Erie Sky and one day, I said huh, gray is beautiful.

I find is soothing in a world that is often too jarring and bright for me.

I don't recall your steel collection. Yes, I can't wait to show some of my apartment - i dearly love silver, gray and pink and yellow!

I've been working really hard to make my little place into a gorgeous functional work/live space. It takes a while for a place to feel like home, as you know.

I can't wait to post about it, but still working on it. I'm behind in everything. But soon.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

That's why I always disliked grey, because I thought it was the color of depression. Blue too. But now I'm appreciating both of them.

The stainless collection is not actually a collection. It's my stainless steel appliances. I wasn't going to get stainless steel appliances because they're a trend now and I hate following the crowd. I was just going to keep my white ones. But my wonderful sister either gave them to me or bought them for me as a housewarming gift. I'm so lucky--she's a good sister. They look great.

I actually have an aluminum collection. Aluminum cannisters, spice shakers, a plate, etc., from around the '40s.

The vintage wallpaper we put up on one wall is a taupey grey. Oh, I and I recently got an old wooden farmhouse chair that was painted battleship grey. Five bucks at the thrift store. At first I was going to paint it, but then when I got it home and saw how cool the grey looked, I put it in the kitchen.


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