Monday, August 26, 2013

Why I Need a Kindle

I need a kindle for so many reasons.  I don't want TV in the bedroom, but some days I wish I could watch Netflix or listen to Pandora in the bedroom.  My current cable supply includes wireless, which I think is fab! But the biggest reason is books like this:

I'd like to have this book.  But do I really need it?  No, I don't really need any more paper.  And since Ken Illgunas is concerned for the environment, it makes perfect sense that the book would only be available in digital form.  Ken and I are kindred souls.  I explore my neighborhoods too, I often pretend I'm on vacation. See previous post about Ken Illgunas here.  See more of my urban photojournal here.

Happy Monday dear readers!  Gonna be a fun week, stay tuned. xo


Unknown said...

My Kindle Fire HD is my most prized electronic device in my whole house. I just love to read so much. If you go to the online bookstore and type in free Kindle Books it gives you so many free books that you may have normally passed by but turn into little gems, plus there's the free App of the Day.

Gwen Kozlowski said...

You could still buy the Kindle edition if you want the book and read it on any computer or smart phone. Electronic books are supremely versatile!!

Peggy said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for being such a loyal reader, and thanks for the info. Hope you are doing well.

Hi Gwen! Thanks for the info., I didn't know that. I really don't need paper books much anymore, except for art books. :) Did Andy start school today?

Jessie said...

I think a Kindle would be great for you. You don't like clutter and a lot of extra stuff. I love books but they do take up space and are heavy to move!!!


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