Hi I'm Peggy.

I created Creative Influences to honor creativity.  I believe every one is creative, that design solves problems and makes society a better place.  I also believe beauty and art elevate the consciousness, and therefore just as important as science.  Art is science and science is art.  Art is political and politics is art....you get the idea.  I live my life as art.  Love is my religion. I am an advocate for positive, non-violent change.

Creative Influences is the story of how and why I do what I do.  Here I document my creative process as well as feature artists who move me.  It's important to me to give proper credit to artists.  They are so important to the future of humanity, and they need to make a living too.

Please feel free to use my original work, with proper linking and notification.  Click here if you'd like to learn more about the link with love movement.

It's important to me to give proper credit to artists, designers and photographers.  Please contact me if you are a designer and I have made an error or omission.  I will correct all such errors promptly.  I love hearing from my readers, always feel free to drop a line or leave a comment!  Thanks for visiting!

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Bettibird said...

Hi Peggy,
I'm hoping all is going well with you. I really appreciate your work and your efforts to help support art and artists. Thanks so much.
(Lynn Beesley (A Nun Sets A dries Fish Free);-)
Wishing you and yours love, health and happiness.
Ooodles of warm wishes
Lynn ;-) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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