Thursday, October 29, 2009

My First Dee Adams Painting!

For the past two days I've been waiting breathlessly for the UPS driver.

Yesterday he finally showed up at my door with a big package of love from Dee Adams! And here it is in all its gorgeousness!

My first Dee Adams painting! The painting is profoundly entitled "I don't wear makeup." I fell in love with this painting during my recent illness. Though fully recovered, my illness caused me to reconsider the trappings of makeup. I am in love with these colors. The brush strokes are enviably perfect and smooth. Something I strive to achieve in my own work. I love her work so much, I plan to become a collector.

Of course, the painting spurred me to rearrange my apartment. I am pleased with the way it turned out. The painting is a welcome addition. I will show you the new incarnation of my apartment tomorrow. See previous post about Dee's work, here. I am overwhelmed by your generosity, Dee. Thank you so much! xxoo

Blogging - Apartment Therapy Color Contest

I've been following Apartment Therapy's Color Contest once again. I can't believe this is their fifth annual contest! Gosh how time flies. I'd like to share with you my favorite entry.
This is Kyle's Brave and Bold. Funny, this week I've been obsessing about pink, but it is the skillful use of blue that intrigues me in this apartment. Also, I am always biased by simple, uncluttered decor. I would shit if I stepped into a bachelor pad like this. Love those blue chairs! Normally I don't like stripes painted on walls, but for some reason, these work for me. Maybe it's the subtle colors, or maybe it's the variation of the size of the stripes.

Dig this dining set! I don't recognize the designer. Danish maybe? If you know the designer, please contact me.

Groovy lamp and painting! Great job, Kyle. Hope you take the prize. Voting closes shortly, so make sure you click over and vote for Kyle.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink Obsession

Dear readers, as you know I obsess about color all the time. Color is addictive, and I love all of them. But, pink is my all-time favorite. I have loved pink my whole life. I could easily live in an all pink home. I love all shades of pink. I adore pale pink, but hot pink is my favorite. I adore pink used in an edgy, modern way. Here is an orgy of pink for you. Hope you enjoy!

I love pink hair! Image by Peggy.

This beautiful home in Bangkok, uses pink in a modern and gentle way. Image via Living, Etc.

Flickr user ayeupmeduck.

I've had this image in my inspiration folder a long time. That table cloth is pure genius! I could use one for my round table. It was designed by the lovely Maryam of one of my favorite blogs, My Marrakesh. Doesn't she set a lovely table? I hope one day to visit her olive groves.

If I owned my apartment, I'd like to have it renovated to include an open kitchen. This just may be my fantasy kitchen. Image Modern Interior.

Dig this dining room. I may need to paint my apartment fuchsia again. Image flickr user All About Eve.

I adore this very glamorous and sophisticated use of pink. I want that candelabra! Sarah's Modern Glam Palace via Apartment Therapy.

Groovy bedroom by Ghislane Vinas. Don't you love those lamps?

The Rug Company.

I love this sofa with the ghost chairs! Image Living, Etc. via Casapinka. Please forgive the crop of the painting, the editors of Creative Influences have taken a vow to never show representations of weapons on this blog, no matter how inconsequential they seem. However, the artistry of this home is worthy of mention.

Living, Etc.

A very popular image. Gorgeous room. Marjorie Skoudas.

Normally bathroom design bores me. I prefer a bathroom to be private and purely functional. However, this is probably the most gorgeous bathroom I've ever seen. Marie Claire Maison.

Pink is wonderful in small pops as well, and looks great in any decor with any color.

Love this pouf! Image Boboho. Really cute website, utilizing cool technology. Love the painting too.

Marjorie Skoudas again. I love Marjorie's use of color. Love the pop of the hot pink table coupled with the periwinkle (another of my favorites).

Love the hot pink chair. Hate the fabric on the ottoman. Love the idea of a patchwork fabric, just not into the horse motif. Image designspongeshop.

Love the pillows! Love the yellow lamp too! Image designspongeshop.

I've had this image in my inspiration folder a long time. When I move to a place where I actually have a bedroom, this is the color scheme I'd like to use. Brown walls with a pop of pink and orange. Love that lamp! Desire to Inspire.

Love the Panton S Chair in hot pink! Image via Bijou Kaleidoscope.

Fenton glass never looked better! Formerly available at Ebay. Unfortunately, I didn't win this one.

This is a room in a Frankfurt museum where they display Andy Warhol. I think the pink is a perfect choice for the master of pop art. Image via flickr user tom.k.

This is a picture of my new home and car. Ha, just kidding! I love this picture. Image by flickr user Anne Strickland. Need more pink? See previous post here.

Thinking About Pink

Dear readers, I am anxiously awaiting the UPS driver. He is bringing something new (and pink) for my apartment.

Here's what my apartment looked like this morning. I love covering my sofas in sheets. I can change the colors easily and it makes for luxurious lounging. I adore the periwinkle, but I am craving pink. So while waiting, I decided to change things a bit.

Here's what my living room looks like for the moment. I am sure it will be changing again once my delivery arrives! Stay tuned.

Orange and Gray

Dear readers, I was all set to write a post about how much I adore the rooms I have been seeing lately that are gray with orange pops. But - I just can't get pink off my mind today. So here's a small sample of orange and gray to wet the appetite.
Image via Sofie Andersson.

Image via Alvhem Makleri & Interior.

We'll come back to this color scheme after I obsess about pink for a while.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starbucks' Art

Dear readers, as you know, I adore the graphic art at Starbucks.

The last time my sister-in-law and I went for chai tea, these lovelies were hanging on the wall, and Abbey Road was wafting on the speakers. Aromatic tea, art and the Beatles. Ahh. It doesn't get any better than that.

I'd like to have these in my living room. Even more than that, I wish I'd painted them. Love those colors.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Childhood Collections as Art

Dear readers, do you have some kitchsy childhood collections in a box in your attic, garage or basement? Do you wish you had a cohesive, artsy way to display your collection without cluttering up your place? Here are a couple of ideas for turning that collection into an art installation that I simply had to share. Both were entrants in the 2009 Apartment Therapy Color Contest.

Amy's Deep Sea Living Room. Amy has very skillfully displayed her Pez collection. I love how she has grouped it by color and how straight she managed to hang her treasures. That must have taken a lot of patience! I need Amy to come to my place and hang my Starbucks tin collection. Great job Amy!

Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom. Matt has cleverly used army men, police, Indians, cowboys and firemen to create a tactile mural which he has entitled "War and Peace." I am not sure if he painted all the figures white or if they were already white. I love how the seeming chaos emerges into a unified whole. Beautiful use of color as well. Great job Matt! Matt's website is here.

11/07/09 Update - I received an email from Matt. He did, indeed, paint all of the tiny toy men. Great respect, Matt. Love it!

And here is an idea if you have any of those pesky paint by numbers laying around. I've seen collections of them used in decor lately (shudder).

Buff Monster has elevated this dreadful painting to a surreal delight. I may look for some at the Goodwill and take a stab at this.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Trip to Columbus

Last Friday my sister-in-law, nephews and I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Of course, I took along my camera. Here's a few photos I'd like to share.

Skyline taken from a moving car.

This modern building had really cool balconies that wrapped around the corners.

A dumpster.

Remnant from a building that was torn down.

Red trees, red road.


The convention center.

My favorite vintage store, also has a shop in Columbus!

Sofas in a lounge. I'd love to have these in my apartment.

Everywhere I go, I look at pottery! The two pieces to the right are actually lamp bases. I think it's a great idea to repurpose lamps as vases.


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