Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging - Apartment Therapy Color Contest

I've been following Apartment Therapy's Color Contest once again. I can't believe this is their fifth annual contest! Gosh how time flies. I'd like to share with you my favorite entry.
This is Kyle's Brave and Bold. Funny, this week I've been obsessing about pink, but it is the skillful use of blue that intrigues me in this apartment. Also, I am always biased by simple, uncluttered decor. I would shit if I stepped into a bachelor pad like this. Love those blue chairs! Normally I don't like stripes painted on walls, but for some reason, these work for me. Maybe it's the subtle colors, or maybe it's the variation of the size of the stripes.

Dig this dining set! I don't recognize the designer. Danish maybe? If you know the designer, please contact me.

Groovy lamp and painting! Great job, Kyle. Hope you take the prize. Voting closes shortly, so make sure you click over and vote for Kyle.

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