Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dear readers, you already know that I obsess about color. My apartment is my lab, where I experiment with color. My current dilemma is this - can black be added to my decor? Canvas is the place to resolve color issues. As you know, when I am processing a painting in my head, I start moving things around.
Votive holders.

Vases. Pink is still my favorite color.

I am using a surprising amount of blue in my apartment. I adore periwinkle and love the jewel tones of these pillows.

I've been thinking about dark rooms (see post below). Perhaps it is in response to an inclination to hibernate, maybe I prefer my home to be more cavelike. Here's a few things I'd like to add to my apartment.

I am currently obsessing about candelabras. And not just any candelabra. A very specific one. It must be black, made of acrylic and have hanging beads. Kind of like the one Kim has in her dressing room. If you know where I can get one, please contact me. Of course, if I add black to my decor I would need some hot pink pops. I am loving these glass vases from Pieces via Casapinka. But not to be, terribly expensive. And I am in love with the Lucy chair from Target.

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Jessie said...

I am thinking about redecorating my masterbedroom. I was thinking Black & white, turquoise and hot pink. That way I just have to change the accessories and decor a little bit. :)


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