Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Quiet Place

Today, I needed a quiet place. My head was spinning with writing and painting projects. Not to mention my favorite way to procrastinate, experiments with color. The phone wouldn't stop ringing.

Time to unplug. I thought about Holly. She wrote a piece yesterday about living at a slower pace which really spoke to me. I've been so envious of her move to Germany, and am fascinated with watching her create her life. Her life is art. I am so grateful she is sharing her journey with us. She is teaching me a lot.

We can't all move to Germany. But we can all live as art. We can move at a slower pace where we are. This is my environment. I write about what I know. And for some odd reason, I love my city. I love Lake Erie and I love the sky. As you know, I even love gray.

And today, I am so grateful to be able to take a long walk in the middle of the day. A luxury I have seldom known. In my favorite season, Autumn.

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haus maus said...

Oh this is so nice Peggy... I really enjoyed reading this and seeing you get back to your peaceful spot.

Simplicity is what everyone is looking for but no one knows it because they are running so fast in the opposite direction.

I've really come to learn this in two short months. And I can't wait where I will be in a year in my heart and head and in a year after that, and so on. This slower pace really speaks to me. And I get twice as much work done. And I feel more creativity flowing through me. I've purchased watercolors and ink and paper. I've not painted in a year... In fact since I was last here now that I think of it.

I hope you continue to be mindful of how fast or slow you are moving and that you give value to simple things because you'll be happier for it.

Much love,


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