Friday, October 2, 2009

Got Mojo?

I have a treat for you today, dear readers. I'd like to show you some major artistic mojo by the sculptor Chris Wurst. I met Chris at an art show at Boettler Park recently. (Oh how I wish I could peek at that sketch book!)

Chris is a sweetie. He told me that he had been sculpting ever since high school. He was influenced by a pot that exploded when he fired it. A happy accident indeed! He patiently explained his technique to my nephew and I. He makes a mold and then sands his plaster creations to a finish that must be touched. Experiencing his tactile forms is an almost religious experience. And my very clever nephew correctly identified the iconography that is present in his work. Chris has done a marvelous tribute to Mother Mary in some of his works.

See what I mean? Major mojo. The pictures just don't do them justice. Dear readers, I wish you could touch these sublime works.
I wondered if Chris had ever seen the work of Wouter Dam, who I wrote about in an earlier post. And I am grateful to Chris because now I have an idea of how Wouter may have done his work.
When I win the lottery, I will have some of Chris' work in my prefab ranch home.

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