Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Night: Gettin' Girly

I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it!  I'm going to a fab party in Cleveland tonight!  Woo hoo!  It's been a long time since I've been in my home town.  I'm homesick!  Remember Mazi?  The fabulous dude who let me tour his beautiful pad?  Well, it's his 50th birthday!  And we are gonna celebrate 50 years of fab-u-lous-ness!

I am hoping to meet artists that Mazi turned me onto.  Namely, Kevin Busta and Halim Ina.

It's been a long while since I've gotten all dolled up.  I've been considering my clothes, makeup and hair all week.  I really wanted to get all Nicki with it.  As you know, she's the shizzz.  Can't get enough Nicki? That's a coincidence.  Neither can I.  Check out my Nicki Pinterest Board.

This pic made me wanna cut my hair and dye it green.  My girl Haley says, no better get a wig.  Good thinking.  Any way, I love the makeup so much I tried it last night.  I can pull off a pink lip.  Fail.  Nicki is so much cuter than I am.  And she has professional stylists too, I guess.

I spent a ton of time on my hair this week.  I had a large tangle like you've never seen.  I thought I was either gonna have to cut it or go with dreads.  Took hours to get it out.

I thought about this cut.  Doesn't she look fab?  Nothing like a cute girly-girl in a comfy outfit.  That hair is not as easy as it looks, though.  it's dyed.  A lot, see no roots.  It's blow dried, it's straighted and it's teased. Great look, but too much maintenance for me.

Hmm.  I'd love to do something like this.  Luckily I talked with a girl at Sally Beauty Supply who had a hot pink dip.  She told me it's more trouble than it's worth.  It got all over her clothes, and all over her neck and shoulders cuz she sweats.  Uh oh.  What to do?  I do have some pink extensions.  Maybe I'll put those in.
I settled for this hair color.  It's close to my natural color, and provides great dimensional color and doesn't turn out too yellow, like many blonde dyes do.  It also makes my hair so soft!  An added bonus.

Wanted to add a little youthful pizzazz, so bought this temporary comb in color from Sally Beauty Supply. Glad I didn't go with the hot pink.  What a mess.  Cute on my hair, but all over my neck and shoulders. Yuk. Also the hair won't dry.  But I just did a small piece underneath so it's all good.  But won't be buying this again.  It's crap.

Smoothed this on my hair before using the straight iron.  Fab!  Hair feels so soft.  And dig the bottle.

Got some of this for after the party.  Wanna look fab in the morning.  Will let you know.

Think I'm gonna go with makeup inspired by this look.  Love the pink.  Wish I was this skilled with liner.  Love the fuchsia lips, but prefer a matte lipstick.

Wish I had this pink velveteen from Lime Crime.  Gotta keep a watch on the site, it's not available yet.  I'm sure it will sell out the second it gets in.

Settled for Wet and Wild 967 Dollhouse Pink.  Love it.

Nails are periwinkle by China Glaze.

Hope to have some glamour shots for you later!  Hope you are doing something fabulous as well!  xo

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