Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mini Vacay

Recently enjoyed a mini vacay to the Mustard Seed with my adopted daughter Haley, and my adopted son Christian.  Had a great time!  Can't believe I've never been there before.  Can't wait to go back.

Gluten free menu.
Manager was kind, and they kept our water glasses full.

Couldn't eat much, but had a great time.  Loved the side of avocadoes, the bass and the omelette.

Another smiling face!

And a musician too!  He was the coolest.

 View from the table at the restaurant.  Can't wait to shop!

Always clowning around.

 Purple peppers?  So pretty.

Hungry yet?  It's an experience s shopping there!  And the prices are very reasonable.
Haley  always looks good.  You know the kind, she looks like a million dollars after swimming.  Don't know how she does it.  Here she is trying on a necklace.  No brainer.  Everything looks good on Haley.

One of my favorite shops is here!

I know I look awful, I was puffy  red and feverish.  Haley did the best she could with my makeup. I keep my hair long, so I can kind of hide behind it.  A little mystery is always sexy.

Next morning, organic breakfast.  Taking nutritionist's advice. Here we have a yummy light meal of green superfood, green tea, hard boiled eggs, water, dates covered with coconut and pureed pear.  The philosophy of the Mustard Seed permeated my being.  Don't think I'll ever shop at Giant Eagle, WalMart or Target again.

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Jessie said...

Wow, that place looks amazing!!!


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