Monday, September 23, 2013

Square Peg, Your Curator

Happy Monday dear readers!  I am feeling particularly well this morning, and hope you are as well.  I had a great weekend, and have been out for a walk.  This is my kind of weather.  As you know, I see colors, shapes and patterns everywhere I go.  It's a gift....and sometimes a curse as my mind is oftentimes too active and doesn't allow me to rest.  Not a complaint really, I am grateful for the way I see beauty everywhere.

Today beauty is all about squares.  I'm Square Peg, Your Curator.  Hope you enjoy!

Umm.  I need this bracelet.  Designer unknown.  Please contact me if you know the designer.   For similar bracelet, see 80s Purple.

As you know, I totally gotta girl crush going for Nicki the Shizzz.

Photographer extraordinaire, Halim Ina, vicariously meets my need for travel.  I need a print of this photo. Love shots of hands.  Turkish man holding vintage tobacco box.  Hmm.  Always wanted to travel to Turkey. Don't use tobacco, but would display this box proudly.

Look at this fab wall light from ferm LIVING!  Drool. So gorgeous and geometrical!  My favorite - shapes and colors.  Also some organic thrown in there.  Would like great in an industrial loft or a mid century modern home.

Image by Peggy

I was so inspired by the ferm LIVING lamp, I thought I'd put together some bright colors in geometric shapes.  Lately, I want to make everything I see into lamps....and I just might.  :)

The beautiful Sade.  Perfect music for a gray, mellow day.  This screen capture from YouTube.

I've been in deep prayer and meditation for the last couple of weeks, and the gifts I've received are many. I know some think me crazy, but I'm in love with everything and everyone.  I see beauty everywhere.  And if this is madness, then I am mad.

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