Monday, September 30, 2013

Love your haters


Dear readers, as you know, I've been in deep prayer and meditation for the past several weeks.  I am happy to report that I am feeling better than ever, and have never been happier.  The intense introspection was painful at times, I discovered parts of myself that I didn't like, but with God's help I am working hard to eradicate those qualities. I'd like to thank my haters for causing me to pause, humble up and examine my life.  I have emerged stronger than ever before.

Also, out of this time period came a very prolific artistic period.  I started giving away paintings.  I never did paint for money - which is a good thing because no one wanted to pay me for a painting. I painted because I love it.  My only criteria for a painting was that the new owner love it.  I took great pains to be sure that each painting went to a loving home.  They are my children, after all.

I had been sad that I could no longer use acrylic due to an allergy.  But.  Clearing out the paintings felt good. I felt lighter and now had room to create new art!  And it doesn't matter what medium I use, as long as I create.  I create because I must.  It's that simple.   I've been very prolific over the past several weeks.  I could barely keep up with my various muses.

Over the next few days I will be revealing my new art, and the direction I am taking.  Then we will be discussing colors - aren't all the bright colors fantastic?  They look really fab tempered with gray.  One of my favorite color combos is neon coral pink and gray.  Also love mint green and gray.  Teal and gray.  Orange and get the idea.

Once we've discussed colors, I will reveal my apartment.  I have worked hard on my apartment to create a beautiful, edgy, girly pad that doubles as an efficient work space.  Not easy in 450 square feet with small closets.  Fortunately, I am resourceful.  There will be plenty of tips on organization.

Also, don't forget to check out my urban photojournal.  I've been taking a lot of pictures lately.  Politics aside for now, let's have some fun!

Stay tuned, cuz you're gonna hear me roar.

Katy Perry, you are fabulous!  Thanks for being an inspiration.  You go girl!

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