Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Imagine - One Day Late

I'm about to admit my ignorance.  I sometimes forget the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Or maybe - just maybe - soldiers are on my mind these days much more than labor unions. Today on the front page, another 20 year old Ohioan has fallen to the insanity of Iraq. I could barely breathe from the effort it took to choke back the tears. 20 years old. Going to be a doctor. Engaged. Killed in Iraq. I just can't seem to get desensitized to it.  Now, I don't mean for this to become a political blog. This is a blog about art and creativity. But damn. It's 2007.

War. It's a concept that should incomprehensible.

War. I thought we'd blow ourselves up in a nuclear war long before the year 2000. At 12:01 a.m., 1/1/00 listening to the bagpipes in the street, I remember thinking "Ahhh. That's the end of war." I meant it. The feeling was genuine and real... and unfortunately, naive.

War. It's 2007 and we are at war. Again. We have learned nothing from our previous mistakes.

War. It's on my mind because the Blue Angels flew over my building this weekend for their annual show. The sound is unbearable, ear-shattering and literally  shakes the building. Startles me every time they fly over.  My God, what must it be like to live in a war zone and to hear this sound every day?  I couldn't bear it.

Why do people enjoy seeing them? I think just one of those planes could pay for all the homeless people to have homes, because they cost like a billion dollars don't they?  I'm confused.

But for one moment....maybe we can all imagine a world without war. And maybe, just maybe, as John Lennon taught - it's an artist's responsibility to be political. And maybe, as a writer, it is my responsibility to write about peace instead of war. To change the focus. And how will I do that? With a lot of imagination.

John and Yoko, thanks for being an inspiration.

What I'm listening to today. One of my all time favs.  It's all about peace and love.

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