Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Morning Creativity Calling

What could be better? Misty Saturday morning. Strong columbian coffee. And the Thievery Corporation. Ahh. My apartment is small and humble. But I love it. I love being here. I am so grateful for this beautiful little place in a time when so many don't have a place to call their own. And I begin to understand, for the first time, what Virginia Woolfe meant. She was so right. I have my independence, and I won't give it up. Ever.

My creativity is gently calling - it's not in a rush. It feels gentle, slow, quiet, peaceful. Like the kind of lover I used to crave. At the end of the void - where time stops - I will have a new decor and several new paintings. I am inspired by the rain, and an odd source - the sloppiness of the City.  Everything looks like art to me.

An archway leading to a parking lot where no one parks.  A seemingly incongruous archway, pointing to my beloved Lake Erie Sky.
A surveyor's mark. Five. My soul number. The hierophant, with a spot of pink for balance.

A bridge. Sloppily splattered with paint by the City - in a futile attempt to thwart the creativity of guerilla artists.  Excuse me, a canvas is calling.  Enjoy your weekend, dear readers.  xxoo

All images by Peggy

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Vineeta said...

It feel wonderful to live with creativity doesn't it? It fills me with happiness like nothing else can. Im happiest the day I have created something or when I'm excited with a new idea to do something. I loved those pics of yrs on flickr :)


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