Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michael Aldrich

Okay, I don't have to tell bloggers how great Apartment Therapy is. They know. In fact, this is the usually the beginning point for bloggers. So I won't belabor it.

On their "Good Questions" feature recently, an artist asked the AT readers what he should do with his radiator. I couldn't even see the radiator because I was so fascinated by his art, and I left him a comment. He was kind enough to write me.

His name is Michael Aldrich and here is some of his amazing art. Thanks, Mike!

Love her. Looks like a queen to me. Would be a great design for a playing card.

I've always had a thing for blue ladies. Probably comes from my past life as an alien mermaid.

Reminds me of Klimt's women. Gorgeous.

Mike also has cute robot imagery and great logo design. His work can be seen here. I'd like to see his interpretation of Hindu gods and mermaids. Hey Mike, interested in a trade?

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Vineeta said...

U are back! I was instantly reminded of Klimpt too. great work! And seeing Indian gods in this style would be just amazing :)


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