Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Paintings and My Apartment

New paintings hanging in my apartment. Whenever I paint, I feel encouraged to move things around in my place.

I am bored with my dining room chairs. I can't decide if I should just paint them or buy new. I want two of the Globus chairs in blue from DWR. Today, that is. Too expensive though, at $238 each. I've been keeping my eye on the curb. I know something will come.


Vineeta said...

This is such a pretty blue you've used in the paintings! And i absolutely love the look of your house. And the 4 paintings together makes it look complete. somehow when u used one painting I feel it was not enough. And with the orange and blue pillows sitting next to each other its just perfect! love the vases as well. Thanx so much for sharing :)

Jessie said...

LOTS OF WHITE!!! :) The blue and pink looks pretty. By the way, I used Olympic paint from Lowes for my table. Its just high gloss, and I just rolled it on with a roller. You will get rollers marks easy though. :(


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