Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Incredible Changing Dining Area, Vol II

Remember my post a few weeks ago about The Incredible Changing Dining Area?

Over the long weekend this little area of my apartment underwent more transformation. It started with my new painting. The painting was inspired by my love of retro mod shapes and my new love of turquoise. I am surprised to find that I love the combination of turquoise and orange.

Angels and Aliens, 2007

24" X 30", acrylic and marker on canvas

Like many of my paintings, I didn't like this painting at first. I found I was caught up in perfectionism when I painted this and I was unhappy that I did the circles freehand. But, now I love it and I plan to do a series of paintings like this.

So, I hung the painting in my dining area and played with my new objects.

This arrangement lasted only one day, because the next day my wonderful sister-in-law gave me a beautiful new Kenneth Wingard vase! And it's turquoise! Talk about your thoughtful and perfect gifts! What a gal she is.So, I put the new vase in my Incredible Changing Dining Area. I love it!

The dining table needs a new coat of spray paint. And I am still trying to decide if I want new chairs, or just want to recover these chairs. I am open to any suggestions.


kim. said...

Your chairs are ok - kinda boring maybe. Might look better painted a fun colour. I also love the ÖGLA chair at Ikea. Or you could be adventurous with your chairs and do something I've been wanting to do to my dining table - glue scrap fabrics in fun colours/patterns all over them. :)

kim. said...

OOPS...I just realized I forgot to say how much I like your painting (and you new vase)!!

Jessie said...

I like the blue vase alot!!!! Gosh, you have posted like 6 posts and I thought I had just stopped by your blog. :( lol I try to comment. :)


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