Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wintery Grays

Today is a beautiful gray day in Northeast Ohio.  The kind that invites you to slow down and cozy up.  I adore color, but I can't help noticing romantic neutrals lately.  As you know, gray is one my new favorite colors.  So soothing and mysterious.  I love it used in a neutral scheme.  The romantic neutrals are all about texture and shape, mixing in some rustic/organic and industrial/functional pieces.  I hope you enjoy these photos from my inspiration file.

 Love that lantern!  This would be a cute outdoor space.
 Love the painted brick and the repetitive shapes.
Love the hanging light!  Also love the display of white bottles.  May need to steal that idea.  Above three images Emma Thomas via Desire to Inspire.

I know this picture has been circulating, but I couldn't help but include it.  Such a gorgeous room!  Love that rug, the slip cover and the hanging light.  Love the palette coffee table.  Love the enlarged photo and over sized lamp.  A cozy, funky room that still manages to look simple and uncluttered.  A fine achievement.  Image via The Style Files.

Sometimes a piece is beautiful because of its pure functionality.  I need that over sized hook and one of these clothes hangers.  Image Bodie and Fou.
Beautiful slip covers lend cozy informality to this room.  Love the large organic art.  Styling by Marianne Evennou.
I hope this coffee table was made from a tree that was already felled, and not chopped down for this purpose.  If so, it's gorgeous.    Love the slip cover.  Looks like a cozy place to curl up with a puppy for a nap.  Styling by Olsson & Jensen.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean your outdoor space can't be beautiful.  I love this space!  Especially the large Buddha head.  Kathleen's Carriage House via Apartment Therapy.

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