Friday, August 3, 2007

Sara Paloma

Sara Paloma's stunningly sensual work is probably influenced by Sophie Cook. Her work has been making the rounds in the blogs, I believe I first discovered her work at sfgirlbybay. My sister-in-law (who I have sucessfully infected with pottery sickness) and I always try to follow a rule of three like the picture on the right. That is, three vases together all the same color with the tallest in the middle. Sculpting with pottery is an absolute joy.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh yes, yes, sculpting by 3 but what about sculpting by 11 (or however many is in that other picture) that is TRULY incredible. Wowza, I wonder if I will ever be able to afford to do that.

Vineeta said... this is stunning! reminds me of the domes often featuring in Moghul architecture. amazing. thanx for sharing!

Making it Lovely said...

So pretty. I wish I had a good place to display all of my white vases in this home. I'd certainly want to add some of those!

Jessie said...

WOW! I would love to have all those. Very pretty.


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