Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Artist as Art - Jeana Sohn

This is Jeana Sohn, who I "met" through the miracle of flickr one afternoon while goofing off at work. Jeana is a talented artist, and a great example of living as art. Jeana generously shares her life with flickr viewers, and I am grateful. The afternoon I spent peaking into her life made me happy.

Jeana is fearless with the camera, the way O'Keeffe was. And the camera loves her the way it did O'Keeffe. I love the above picture of Jeana, that she titled "uugh." I want to blow this picture up and apply paint to it in Warholian style. I believe Steigletz would be proud of this shot.
Jeana demonstrates artful living in the way she decorates her apartment, and in the way she sets a table. And she is a marvelous painter as well. I love the soft yearning in her paintings. If I were a talented writer, it would be great fun to write a novel around these paintings.

The table setting would make a great painting. And, you know, sometimes I feel like the girl in the last painting, wishing I could fly, or be carried away, from all the madness and rushing.

Great work, Jeana. And thanks for being an inspiration! Jeana's blog is here. See Jeana's paintings here. Jeana's flickr set is here.


Vineeta said...

Very interesting. Strangely before i saw your post thats exactly what i was doing. Looking at people on flickr. I especially love the ones who have a specific interest and click & flickr around that. I also love the way u write.

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Beautiful work! This is a great idea Peggy - and I agree, each individual is creative in his/her own way...


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