Monday, August 20, 2007

Turquoise Lamps

I sometimes get fixated on a color and can't stop thinking about it. When I paint, I mix my own colors, and sometimes I just can't get the color in my head on the canvas. I can sit and contemplate a color all day. The perfect pinky-orange. Or the perfect corally-raspberry. But lately it's turquoise. I experimented with turquoise in my painting this weekend, and I got it close. I seem to like the less-green-more-blue turquoise. So today it seemed only natural that I have turquoise lamps on the brain. I love lamps, and especially love ones that look like pottery.

The above two lamps were designed by J-D Schall. I have seen his bird-like pottery (which will be the subject of a later post), but I was not aware he designed lamps. Aren't these gorgeous? Images from The Lighting Gallery.

And look at this beautiful lamp from
VitaminD's new shop. Mod and traditional at the same time. Love it.

Here's a simple lamp from Crate and Barrel.

I don't usually go for patterns, and this one wouldn't fit in my home, but isn't it cute? From

And I am madly in love with this lamp from West Elm that I featured in an earlier post. Think it would look great in SNL's home too.

I posted the following Ercole Barovier lamp from ebay on Jo's virtual homewarming party:

Target has the following paper lamp for only $19.99!

These last two lamps are from This site is totally groovy. These are priced very reasonably and go great with my retro/mod bohomo Asian/Morrocan decor.


kim. said...

I have a serious thing for turquoise/aqua. Now I'm more into I guess you could call it teal but a really dark shade. Saw it in Domino's August issue. Great lamps btw.

Vineeta said...

OH completely sexy lamps- I love everyone of them- but the really beautiful ones are the ceramic potterylike lamp bases- It is a beautiful colour :) I must start using it in my place.


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