Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Moving Sickness

I have it bad. The sickness that compels you to constantly move stuff around. And I'm not alone. It's a common malady. I don't like clutter and find too many possessions burdensome. The dilemma is that even though I am always purging, I always have too much stuff. Here is the benefit of a small space, at least it controls how much stuff I can have.

I don't display everything, I can rotate things and change the look of my place on a whim. But sometimes.... Sometimes I just wish I could sit back and say, "Ahh. This is done." And never feel to compelled to move stuff again. I know, I can dream.

Last week I was confined to bed ill. Couldn't read, watch TV or even blog. My place is so small that I can see almost the whole thing from my bed. Every now and then I got out of bed and rearranged. I did this in short bursts, and then I'd go back to bed and stare at my rearrangement. I know, I'm ill - and it's worse than just having a cold.

The first thing I rearranged was my grouping of paintings. Staring at this grouping provided several hours of entertainment. I kind of liked the fact that one painting is about rain, and one is of a flower. A natural evolution. See previous groupings here.

With my next burst of energy, I moved stuff based on an orange/blue theme.

I love experimenting with color, but I always return to white.

I love white, and I love simple forms. One day I will live in an all white, prefab ranch. And hopefully, I will never have to move a thing.

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Jessie said...

I must say that I love your pillows!!! So bold and pretty. I am different then you as far as arranging items. I find the first place I put it, usually is where it stays. My gut puts in where I think it looks good, and it stays there for a LONG time. ;) Did you ever decide what fabric to cover those chairs in??


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