Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Display as Art

This week's theme at Creative Influences is display. In my post about Josiah McElheney below, I wrote about the importance of display. It's easy to collect a bunch of objects. It's not easy to display them effectively. I love looking at the homes people graciously share on the internet, and am especially intrigued by simple displays of white vases. Below are pictures by people who have mastered the art of display.

Flickr user Living-in-Penny. Beautiful pieces, beautiful display. And look at that glass lamp! Lamps are like pottery to me. This one was purchased at the Good Will for $3.99. What a score! I definitely would have bought that lamp without batting an eye.

Flickr user Maditi. That yellow flower looks gorgeous in this display. I love the look of a vase with one simple branch or flower, so that vase and flower compliment, rather than overwhelm, each other.

Above two images by flickr user Spring Globe. Spring Globe is extremely skillful at this art form. These two images are a stunning accomplishment in display. The use of white unifies disparate objects, and simplicity is accomplished even though there a lot of pieces. I adore the unexpected pop of green in the first picture.

Flickr user Reya accomplishes a beautiful display of white, also with a dash of green. I love the organic feel to this display, the green vase could easily be fallen leaf from the branches. Beautiful.

Jessie from My Mod Style accomplishes a beautiful display mixing glass and ceramic. I love how these vases are lined up together, making them much more impactful than if they were scattered about, and making the look much cleaner and uncluttered. Also love how they pop against that red! Jessie, you know I love how you decorate!

Alena Hennessey sneak peak at designspongeshop. I'm not much into ceramic animals, but I must admit this is extremely skillful display. It's simple, elegant and organic. She has unified the pieces by the use of white. Indeed this display would not work if the vase and giraffe were different colors. Color is a great unifier of disparate objects.
If simplicity is your goal when decorating your home, then the way to achieve it is with white.


Jessie said...

This is a great post! Placement is so IMPORTANT!!!! (This is another reason I hate clutter!!) I go to peoples homes and just want to rearrange their stuff. lol I remember when I was a child playing with my Smurfs and toys, that I started arranging things that young. This is how I know I was born to design. ;)

thanks for showing my white vase collection. :)

Vineeta said...

I totally agree with you and Jessie! And wow- thats her work? respect. Im really glad you made this very important point into a post. In my work this is the one SINGLE MOST important thing that I do after the ideating stage. Suoer post!

Katrine Joy said...

Very inexpensive for a beautiful lamp like that! Sometimes people just really get lucky :)


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