Monday, November 12, 2007

Today I am a Publisher

Blogging is so wonderful. I can wear whatever hat I dream of. Last week I was a paparrazi and a rug designer. Today I am a publisher of art books. If I were a millionaire, here are the first three books I would like to produce. They are by amazing flickr users. Come travel around the world with me. Our first stops are India, Japan and Russia.

First stop, India. To me India is temples, loving hands and passionate color that I can almost smell. This is how I experience it through the magic of flickr user, Nairvee. She is a master at capturing colorful geometric precision as well. I highly recommend her set.

See more of Vineeta's work at her wonderful blog, artnlight.

Next stop, Japan. Ta's work is like a slow-paced, contemplative movie. I literally get swept away by his magic. I experience Japan through the wonderousness of his model. She is stunningly gentle, every action is done with reverance. Experiencing the magic of Ta is a welcome break when mundane reality becomes too fast and too loud.

Look at those hands. Even the way she holds a cup is an artform!

Our next stop is Russia. And our next book for the coffee table is from flickr user Chelakmaxim. In my youth, my lover and I frequented the arthouse and chatted spiritedly with other film lovers. Sadly this is something we no longer do, life is simply too hectic. But thanks to Chelakmaxim, I feel as if I am in an art house, and I experience Russia through the poised intellectual ennui of his models. I can almost hear the trance music and smell the smoke.

Thank you to flickr users Nairvee, Ta and Chelakmaxim for taking me away from mundane reality for a little while. And thank you for being an inspiration! I believe Steigletz would be proud.

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Vineeta said...

You are truly kind and generous with your praise :) And what different styles you have showcased! I have to quickly add the fellow flickrites to my contact list. The Japanese work made my pictures look almost violent and graceless in comparison. Such delicacy, minimalism & softness! Amazing. And the Russian work- such control and drama. I truly feel flattered & privileged that you should showcase my work with such artists. Thank you!


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