Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I don't usually decorate for Christmas. But.... If I did, I'd definitely have a pink Christmas tree. This cutie is from Treetopia. Their white tree is cool too.

And I don't really need anything. But... If I were going to make a Christmas list, I'd like some pink stuff for my kitchen. For some reason, I don't buy much kitchen stuff.

Coffee maker and toaster from JCPenney. Wow. this is not the JCPenney of my childhood. Who would've thought JCPenney would be hip?

Waste canister, toaster, salt and pepper shakers, thermos, oven mitt and microwave (pink microwave - how cool is that?) from Pink Princess. This site is totally awesome if you are a lover of pink! Too bad it's in the UK. Or maybe it's a good thing it's in the UK, provides budget control.

Cutting board, can opener, dirt devil and teapot from Target. I have been needing a cutting board and can opener forever. What could be better than having them in pink? Maybe with cute pink accessories, I'd be tempted to cook more.

And isn't this the cutest cookie jar you ever saw? From Etsy user Fruit Fly.

I am totally in love with the Typhoon shocking pink bread bin. Available at Amazon. I featured this in a previous post about pink, here. Just in case you need a bigger fix of pink. Can never get too much pink, right?

And, these aren't for the kitchen. But totally groovy. Hello Kitty humidifier, CD case, pink rain boots and bedding from Target. Even though those rain boots are for girls, I swear I'd wear them. Like I said in an earlier, post I'm really five years old.


Jessie said...

It seems we all have been bitten by the "pink bug"!!! lol I love the pink teapot. Hopefully I get some Hello Kitty goodies for xmas. :)

Jessie said...


I almost had a 7ft tree for $50.00! My husband said I couldn't have it at first. Then the next day, he said I could have one. I didn't go back because they only had a few anyways. There is always next year. ;)


i never thought i would be a fan of pink color one day.But i love it.For the past few months i just love everything pink.Great images.

Pink Kitchen Appliances said...

Pink colors are gives pleasant look...i love it..


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