Friday, December 21, 2007

Tea Room Mood Board

I've always wanted to design a tea room. This room would be highly meditational and would exude gentle, quiet calm. It would also be a romantic place where people only speak in whispers. Over the past few days I've been obsessing about grey, silver and low-scale furnishings. These would be perfect elements for a tea room. Here are my mood boards for this room.

Images clockwise from top left: tea tray and tea pot from Le Souk; Buddha fountain from Z Gallerie; tea cups from CB2; ottoman from West Elm (would need four of these to place around the table); rug design my own; low Japanese table from jtansu; Noguchi lamp from Room and Board - I think two of these in the middle of the table would be cute; I would buy various sequined slippers from the dollar store and line up by the door in put in a basket; salt and pepper shakers from CB2 - I would buy one for each setting and fill with cinnamon or chocolate. Anything that would be yummy in tea.

Various silver pillows carelessly thrown around the room. Clockwise from top left: top two pillows from Ebay; pebble collection from Brocade Home; Glamorama pillow from Pangaya (Pangaya also has beautiful floor pillows, and I adore their sea glass dishes even though they are pricey - but hey, they are art!); Sterling pillow by Phoenix at Super Comfort; pillow cover from Direct Silver Plus - omigosh only $9.99!). There were many more beautiful pillows, but I think you get the idea.

Now what about the wall color? Moody, romantic. Soft chocolate brown? Soft peach or salmon? Soft pink? Something flat from Behr, of course. Ahh. Another color to consider. My favorite way to occupy my mind.


Vineeta said...

Peggy, quickly just invite me to this room. You have an amazing way of spinning these beautiful scenarios. A tea and meditation room! Ideal.

Peggy said...

Vineeta - thanks for visiting! Please come have tea with me and a few friends. Maybe you can bring some traditional tea. You know, I totally neglected what art for the walls. I think an enlargement of one of your prayer wheel photos would be cool!


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