Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After Long Weekend

Leg lamp image from Red Rider Leg Lamps. Text from holiday card designed by SNL.

Well, I'm part of the small majority who are back to work today. Luckily the boss is out. You know what that means - that's right goofing off. I'm not ready to return to reality (as if I ever am) so I thought I'd show you some of the wonderful gifts I received for Christmas. I guess I must have been nice! My family were so good to me. I am a little overwhelmed with the wealth I received.
I know the holidays are about love and not loot, but here is some of the loot I received from those who love me. I am well loved and grateful.

Gift cards, ceramics and toys! Do my peeps know me or what?

Tea pot from Devotea, vase from CB2, Polly Pocket (My friend thought this looked like me! I always wanted a pink car.) Cube world. These things are incredibly entertaining!

Here is a card SNL gave me. We cracked up about this. Baby Bro didn't laugh as much as we did.

Card designed by Nancy Rider Hunt of Olive Sandwiches.
And, as if my weekend wasn't great enough - I watched Meet the Robinsons about four times. I love this movie! The Robinsons are the perfect family and the movie is very uplifting. I highly recommend it.

My motto for the upcoming is year is "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!"

Hope your holiday was filled with joy and that your transition to reality is a smooth one.

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