Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Display as Art, Vol. II

When I look at a beautiful room, my eye automatically gravitates toward the objects a decorator has chosen to curate. I've been writing a lot about my fascination for display, see previous post here.

When I design a room, I actually build it around the accessories. To me it is the accessories that speak of who a person is. But, it's not enough to just haphazardly collect. Collections done with restraint, where display and object interact, are a constant source of fascination.

I'd like to share a few more examples of what I consider superior display. The first is Julie and Andrew's home tour on Apartment Therapy.

Julie and Andrew's home is a fascinating study in curating. It is especially intriguing how they display either discarded objects, or every day objects as art. Things that are beautiful, but might normally be overlooked. Julie and Andrew invite you to take a second look at ordinary objects and to rethink what is aesthetically pleasing.

I adore the pipe, painted and mounted over the mantel, a discarded object turned into geometric simplicy. The objects displayed on the mantel are intriguing as well and unified by their common shade of white. Quirky, challenging and simple all at the same time. Notice how they've displayed objects, yet the look is not cluttered. A stunning achievement. The third picture demonstrates the power of repetition of a simple representation. I would love to sit in this thoughtful home and discuss art with the owners. Julie and Andrew, great job and thanks for sharing! Please take the time to see the rest of their home tour, I highly recommend it.

And speaking of repitition, OMG just look at this image from Ted Allen and Barry Rice's home featured in Elle Decor.

Here is proof of the impact of multiple simple objects. A display of moon lamps, be still my heart! Allen and Rice create a wonderful display, still achieving a simple, uncluttered look by sticking to a theme. I love the way they have displayed these lamps McElheney fashion and make a wall of light. I'm sure this must be stunning lit up, and may steal is idea.

This image is from the October 2007 Metropolitan Home. The home is designed by Betty Wasserman and is done beautifully and with soft restraint. I could live in this home. The objects that are displayed throughout the house are sculptural glass and ceramic vases and bowls, lending a minimal feel to the decor. I absolutely adore the recessed wall display in this image. The vases in those recesses make a stunning, but unobtrusive presence in the room.

Do you have an interesting way of displaying the objects that you love? Send me an email, I'd be happy to hear about it, and maybe I'll post your display here.

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Vineeta said...

Fantastic post! Your writing always makes me pause & think back and reflect on the subject you discuss. I was instantly thinking of what you would make of the stuff at my place- I know, you've asked- And here's a promise- the minute I upload pics of my place- you will be the 1st to know :)


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