Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Painting as Experimentation II or Evolution of a Painting

When I paint, I rely on intuition. Sometimes my intuition is really strong, and other times not so. A canvas will let me know when it is done. I am merely a conduit for the image that is inherent in the canvas and trying to emerge.

Some paintings require very little paint. Others want thick layers. Some sit for a while as they are and then later beckon for more paint.

In my first episode of Painting as Experimentation, I wrote about current recurring motifs: angels, halos, auras, movement.

There is another motif I would like to add, and that is rain. I love rain, and have been spending a lot of time lately trying to develop rain on canvas. Here is a canvas that has evolved over the past year, entitled "Couple in the Rain." These kind of multi-layered paintings amuse me. As they hang on my wall, I love contemplating just how many incarnations a painting has. And when they've had many, I try to leave clues of what they once were.

This is actually the second incarnation of this painting. I tried to leave clues of what it was before. Sorry for the poor image. I only recently began documenting my creative journey. Thanks to SNL and BB who gave me my first digital camera. And here is the painting in my dining area.

It pleases me that it looks like a window. But I wanted to see the couple more clearly, and the canvas wanted orange added. So its next incarnation was this:

And here it is in my dining area:

I am currently working on all white installation. And wanted more rain on the canvas. So its next incarnation was this:

I was not happy with this version. So knew immediately that the painting had more lives. The canvas wanted a more subtle rain, and I wanted to incorporate shiny metallic paint.

So, here is its current incarnation, which I am pleased with. The auras are clear, the angels look ghostly as they approach the rain. I think I'm going to continue this experiment and make the painting more tactile by building up the rain. I'll, of course, keep you posted.

Here is a detail of the ghostly-angels with love piercing their hearts. I hope this image conveys a sense of somber romance. Just like rain.

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Vineeta said...

Love the way you take us through the various stages of evolution of your art, the way u added rain the shimmer & the heart. Beautiful.


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