Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lamp Tramp

I got it bad. I am obsessed with lamps. They are like pottery or sculpture to me. I am on the lookout for a ceramic or glass turquoise lamp for my place. I wrote about this obsession here.

Of course the lamp will have to be organic in form, and will have to come from a thrift store because I am cheap. I know this lamp will materialize. Whatever I put out into the universe always materializes.

I think this particular obsession may have started when I saw Polly and Ben's Sherman Oaks Shangri-La via Apartment Therapy LA's flickr set. This stunningly gorgeous home sported lamps definitely worthy of envy.

I could live there and not change a thing. I love the midcentury modern pieces tempered by Asian pieces. I love the liberal use of white, I love the clean and sparse nature of it. And, of course, the turquoise lamps.

Look what Design Milk posted today! These gorgeous lamps from Swank!

I am in love.

Here is a lamp I found on Desire to Inspire. It is not turquoise, nor ceramic, but is organic in form. I don't think it would fit in my place, but, sometimes you just need something unexpected, right?

I totally dig it.

1 comment:

Vineeta said...

pretty stuff indeed- I especailly loved the way the turquoise added the only touch of colour in the 1st apartment u showed.


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