Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Color Lab - Fushcia and Blue

It seems this color scheme is everywhere. I am in love with it. Oh dear, I feel another transformation coming on in my apartment. Sometimes I wish my apartment were done. (Are our places ever done?) Good thing I live in a small place, it helps to control my design OCD a little.

Catherine from Mill Valley's entry in the Domino Decorating Contest. I followed this contest closely and this was my favorite by far. I love the pale blue and the fushcia and chartreuse pillows! Gorgeous! Romantic, colorful and peaceful all at the same time. Makes me want to paint pale blue. But I think I'll do a canvas instead of the walls.

Blue is a color that is surprising to me. It's one of those colors that I never thought of much and now am in love with. Especially love it with pink.

My favorite vintage store recently had a blue sofa. It was actually a deal at $598.00. But, I passed it up even though I dearly loved it and the owner was willing to put it in lay away.

When I saw this cover of Domino, I really regretted it. Oh well, I think I'll just recover my sofa.

This is the most beautiful cover (except for the animal hide) that I think I have ever seen. Those colors are to die for! Love the blue sofa, the orange dress and the pink pillows. This cover is definitely inspiring my color scheme. Also really love the Moroccan influence.

Here's a little corner of my kitchen where the influence is evident. I am sure I will be working more with these colors.


Jessie said...

They are pretty together. I am finding I love color schemes that have PINK with them. Pink/red, Pink/blue, Pink/Brown..... the list goes on. Lets not forget Lime green and hot pink. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that cover very much! And thank you for the kuddos on my room!


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