Tuesday, October 2, 2007

International Day of Non-Violence

I receive so many newsletters in my email that I can barely keep up. I'm afraid some go unread. I hardly ever read the newspaper - I just can't seem to desensitize myself to the notion of war. Yesterday I despaired when I read that that deaths were "down" in Iraq (as if even one death is acceptable). So today, I welcomed and was enlivened by the newsletter I received from Novica.

I've been meaning to do a post about Novica for some time. Their site is absolutely stunning, with the most amazing artisans from Peru, Thailand, India, just to name a few. I had intended to write a post about their pottery (which I probably will at some point).
But today I was so inspired by their very lovely email. Today they are celebrating one of my hero's birthdays. Mahatma Gandhi. Even typing his name inspires awe and reverence throughout my being. Novica announced that the UN has declared today "International Day of Non-Violence" in celebration of Gandhi's birthday. And to commemorate this event, they have filled a gallery entitled "Peace on Earth" with the most beautiful paintings. It was very difficult to choose which ones to post. Here are just a few:

"Dreams of Lotus" by A. Sofyan. So serene. Reminds me of the reclining Buddha.

"Dream of Peace" by Harman. Wish there was no such thing as weapons.
"Let the World be at Peace" by Ida Ratna Ningrum. No one should be lost.

"Pray for the World" by Mohammad Arifin. Humans are capable of such beauty.

I highly recommend checking out their site if you haven't already. When I excitedly told my boss about the UN's proclamation, he said, "What will that accomplish?" Well, at least it puts peace in our minds, I said. And why not? We talk and think about war all the time. Maybe it's as easy as turning our thoughts to peace and beauty.

There's so much beauty in our world.

And okay, I just can't resist. Celedon is a fascinating subject worthy of its own post, so I'll just show a couple of very fine examples of this tradition.

Vases by Thatsanee and Ramphan from Thailand. See more at Novica.


Anonymous said...

Boss or no boss! We need piece outside and within us too.
Paintings are lovely! A beautiful post, Peggy!

Vineeta said...

As usual thoughtful post filled with eyecandy! the colourful styles reminded me of Gauguin's work :)

Peggy said...

Vineeta - thanks again. Yes, I thought of Gauguin as well. I wish I could say that I painted those.


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