Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Found Art

Art is omnipresent. It is everywhere I look. I am a lover of graphic design. Things like logos, business cards and promotional postcards always catch my eye. I often pick up little gems of graphic art that have been carelessly thrown on the street. I keep them in a folder and sometimes they become collages. Here are a few of these found objects.

Sometimes I discover fab local artists this way. Like the "Warrior of Light" Donald Black, Jr. His business card caught my eye. I checked out his website, his art is nothing short of profound.

Derek Hess is another fab local artist. His work perfectly represents the complexity of dichotomy. His diabolical angels disorient me, I find them alluring and disturbing at the same time. They are tragic and yet strong, as witnessed by their incredible muscles. There is a somber romance in his work that I find compelling and impossible to ignore. And hot damn, he sure can draw. I am always on the look out for his postcards.

See more of Derek's work here.
A gift card and coaster from Starbucks. I don't know who the Starbucks' artist is, but I'm going to find out, their work is so cute. Starbucks should start selling posters. Wouldn't that tangerine coaster be too cool rasterbated? Love those letters. I could see it as pop art, printed on a very large canvas and hanging in an all white dining room.

I don't smoke, but this logo caught my eye. I was fascinated, because I had no idea clove cigarettes existed.

Random promotional postcards, labels, buttons. All fine examples of graphic art. When I travel, I love to pick up promotional postcards. I need to find a way to display my postcard collection creatively.

A piece of styrofoam. May steal this, would be a cool geometric painting.

These aren't really art, and they don't make me feel happy nor inspired. But, I've gotten enough of them that I could wallpaper my bathroom. Too bad they're not pink.

When I run out of canvas (which is often), I paint on found pieces of cardboard. Here's a painting of mine from 2005 of a graphic flower on a piece of cardboard.

Untitled, 2005, 8" x 8", acrylic and marker on cardboard.


/// said...

Oh wow; thanks for stopping by my blog. You're SO SO talented yourself!

I'll be checking back often!!!

ChiGirl said...

I really enjoy your art(from your other blog). Your collages are beautiful, and each page is totally different from the one before it.

Thanks for your comment on my blog, reading your schedule made me realize my life isn't THAT busy! :) Here is the recipe for the mashed sweet potatoes, I hope it doesn't sound too hard because it's not:

2-3 yams (brown potato looking things that are orange on the inside)
-peel the yams with a vegetable pealer
-chop them up into cubes, small pieces
-boil them in a pot of water for maybe 20 minutes (until soft)
-drain them, return them to the pot
-start mashing, add butter (however much you like) or some milk for creaminess, salt and pepper
-add a half of a jalapeno pepper sliced super thin, and some banana chunks and DONE!

Hope that helps!! Tip: the more butter the better.

Peggy said...

Thank you design for mankind and laurab! I may attempt the recipe.

Vineeta said...

Peggy! This is a post after my own heart!! I loved each piece you showed us here & I am an absolute succor for these- I even design them for a living :) I absolutely loved the Tangerine coaster! Looking forward to more such posts :)

Peggy said...

Thanks for stopping by - always so good to hear from you! I thought of you when I did this post. I wish I had studied graphic design, I absolutely love it.

Jessie said...

I love that Starbucks picture! That would look great on a white wall. When I am at Starbucks, I find myself wishing I knew what paint colors they used to decorate with. I love their color schemes they use!!! (same as for their artwork) I hope you find the artist.


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