Sunday, October 14, 2007

Painting as Experimentation

Color and paint are all about experimentation for me. I am often surprised at the colors that look good together. After obsessing about pink and white for years - I was recently surprised to find that I love blue and orange together. With lots of white, of course.

I paint in much the same way as I arrange objects. I love stark geometric forms, as well as swirls and pops of light. My apartment and my canvases dialogue with each other. They are dynamic, never the same. I actually start moving around objects before I start a canvas.

Here is a recent painting using turquoise, pink and orange. It took me forever to mix these colors - just couldn't get them right. The turquoise is right - I wanted a more blue- teal turquoise, not a mint green turquoise. The orange is not quite right though. I've also incorporated what seem to be recurring themes in my paintings of late: auras, angels, halos, movement.

Untitled, 24" x 30", 2007, acrylic and marker on canvas.
See more of my paintings at my flickr set.

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Jessie said...

All that stuff does look wonderful together. I kinda think any color scheme can be pulled off if its done right. That's why I am really looking forward to decorating my MasterBedroom. It will be the most colorful room in the house. :) Love all your vases and pillows together!!


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