Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bleu Nature

It was my intent today to write a post about the very exciting color contest at Apartment Therapy, but as I perused the site this morning with my Columbian coffee in hand, I got distracted. I about fainted when I saw this lamp. I've written much about lamp lust and the fact that I am a lamp tramp (a very cute phrase coined by Kim at Desire to Inspire).

Recently, I wrote about two obsessions. Organic decor and turquoise lamps. Then today I saw this lamp by Bleu Nature which incorporates both elements as well as fulfilling the geometric precision that I crave. This is quite simply a beautiful lamp.

I had to check out their site, and also saw these beautiful white sculptural bowls, which incorporate organic elements. Stones. Absolutely love these. I think I'm going to steal this idea and place some of Lake Erie's beautiful rocks on my pottery shelf.

Thanks AT for always being such an inspiration! And thanks Bleu Nature for these beautiful designs.


Vineeta said...

When you love something it comes to you. It has so often happened to me & those close to me- that they've been thinking of somethting & it pops up in an article, in a TV interview or you meet someone who tells you something. It was just so amazing to read this post, cause I've been a regular reader & know well of your love for both turquoise & organic & to see that lamp!!! Its as if someone kept u in mind & designed it. At this rate peggy, if u send it some more love & attention,it might sit on your desk- think of it :)!

Jo Walker said...

Peggy Peggy Peggy. You poor lamp tramp. You're addicted aren't you?! :)

Peggy said...

Thanks Vineeta.

And, yes, Jo. The only thing worse is my addiction ot pottery.

Jessie said...

VERY PRETTY!!!!!! I love the pottery. I like Kim's other phrase too, "Chair Porn." I use that one alot. lol

/// said...

OMG OMG OMG that is a FABULOUS lamp, Peggy!!!!!


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