Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Color Lab - Torn Between Two Color Schemes

As I stated below, I'm torn between two color schemes:

1. Turquoise/orange/white

2. Fuchsia/ice blue/white

I love them both, but think I am favoring No. 2. But could I add orange to it? Again, Urban Outfitters can be looked to for inspiration. As I've stated, I'm not really a pattern person, and don't really like rugs, but just look at the colors in this rug from UO! It could easily be a painting. And it proves that orange does indeed look great with fuchsia and ice blue. (Well, I think this color is actually magenta, but you get the idea.)

And look at this groovy candlestick, also from UO! Combining both warm and cool colors. Hmm. I think this would look great in my place.


Vineeta said...

It does work! The orange thrown in with fuscuia & blue! I must think of it too. Blue is a colour I have kept a distance from though I love seeing it. interesting!

Jessie said...

I love that painting/picture. I think that you could just have pops of orange in your apartment and be happy with the look. :)


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